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Below you find an overview of how some of our many customers have gained benefits like greater efficiency, less injuries, time and money saved by choosing Dynamica rope, slings and Tether solutions.

Case TetraSpar Credit 'TetraSpar Demonstrator ApS' - supported by 6 pieces of 60 m long Dynamica Keel Lines sheathed with Dyneema®, complete with Dynacote protected connection points.

Offshore WindHeavy LiftingWinchMaritimeOil & GasFOWT

Stiesdal TetraSpar replace steel with synthetic rope

TetraSpar’s innovative floating system is supported by 6 pieces of 60 m long Dynamica Keel Lines sheathed with Dyneema®, complete with Dynacote protected connection points. Custom designed for installation on the keels prior to tow out from the Port of Grenaa in Denmark.


Heavy LiftingMaritime

Orbital turning the tide with Dynamica

From 12 to only 4 slings with a safety factor of 10:1 and extreme length precision. This is how we made mounting, transportation and repair of O2 much safer and cost-effective.

Case GE

Heavy LiftingOffshore WindOnshore WindCranesWinch

GE Haliade-X nacelle lifting

Haliade-X 12 MW one of the most powerful offshore wind turbines in the world built today. The wind turbine features a 12 MW capacity (the world’s first), 220 m rotor and 107 m blade.

Case Siemens Gamesa top billeder website 1206 x 695 px 150 ppi

Heavy LiftingOffshore WindOnshore WindCranes

Siemens Gamesa nacelle lifting

Heavy Lifting operations can be challenging and expensive. How do you ensure not using unnecessary time- and money? The Siemens Gamesa 11 MW wind turbine installation is a good example.

Case Lindø

Heavy LiftingCranesOffshore Wind

Time is money in heavy lift operations

A weight reduction of no less than 141 kg compared with a polyester sling. The weight reduction means saving at least 45 minutes on each lifting operation - simply by replacing heavy polyester slings with lightweight Dynamica SafeLift Slings.

Case NOV - pull in rope

Deepwater LiftingOil & GasMaritime

Pull-in improvement for Chestnut Oil Field

Offshore operations are challenging and any risk have to be eliminated. National Oilwell Varco asked us to develop a pulling system for Chestnut FPSO - an oilfield located approx. 290 km east of Aberdeen, at a water depth of 120 m.

Lundin-Edvard Grieg case technip

MaritimeOil & GasCranesDeepwater LiftingHeavy Lifting

Edvard Grieg tie-back

Technip was looking for high performance fibre slings with as little elongation as possible, low weight and an extremely low length tolerance (0.20 % or less) to be used for the tie-back operation at 100 m depth in the oilfield in the North Sea. Dynamica SafeLift Slings met this challenge in fact the slings were made with 0.15 % length tolerance.

Case Bumi Armada 1206 x 695 px 150 ppi

MaritimeOil & GasTug Boat

Permanent mooring - beyond expectations

When easy handling, maintenance free ropes and safety is top priority.

Case Kolding svæveklub


Gliding club

"We have always been using steel wire ropes in our club. The steel wires had to be changed approx. every second year. The steel wire ropes were heavy and difficult to handle and we had a limited launch height." Dynamica Ropes had the solution and the gliders were off to new heights.

Case El Cam


Cable pulling

Planned installation of high voltage transmission lines to electricity poles in order to transport electricity from the power plant to the customer - proved more difficult than first anticipated; the job was to take place in the Middle East in an area known for its mountainous highland. In order to work around the surroundings a helicopter was going to be used for the pulling of the transmission lines.

Messenger lines - DSC Winch Lines - DKF case

WinchMaritimeOffshore Wind

Flexibility & maneuverability on request

A world-class provider of cable pull-in, termination and testing services for the entire offshore industry contacted Dynamica Ropes for advice.

Rope on winch for aquaculture


Searching for alternatives to steel

Chains and steel wire ropes have been used for various applications in the aquaculture industry for years. These products do their job but there are also several issues in connection with using them in aquaculture. We manufacture a lighter and safer rope solutions for the aquaculture industry.

Winch defence

WinchVehicle recovery (4x4)Defence

Lighter alternative to steel wire

Winch ropes have to be reliable and safe to work with for all users - but when it comes to professional use, the feature are even more important.

Case Svitzer TOW LINE

Oil & GasWinchMaritimeTug Boat

Retired after 3997 jobs

During towing and tugging operations there are often focus on operation schedule and budget meaning the equipment needs to aid a fast yet safe operation. Choosing a Dynamica mooring -, towing -, or winch rope ensures maximum strength, minimal weight, greater safety and efficiency.

Fugro seawatch metocean buoys

Oil & GasWinchMaritimeDeepwater LiftingDeepwater Sampling

Redesign of traditional mooring

The world's leading Geo-data specialist collects and interprets data related to the earth's surface, the soils and rocks beneath and provides advice for purposes related to the Oil & Gas industry etc.

Case Dynamica HD Tethers anchoring of risers

Oil & GasMaritimeDeepwater LiftingDeepwater Sampling

HD Tethers for anchoring of risers

370 metres under the sea level in the rough waters of the Norwegian North Sea, the strongest man-made synthetic fibres serv the purpose of anchoring risers - Dynamica HD Tethers.

Fiskeri Winch Maritime


Breaking the waves with Dynamica Trawl Warps

Same strong and axial stiffness as steel warps but 7 times lighter - shift from steel to synthetic trawl warps was a game changer in trawling.

Dynamica Tether - Photo credit Havfram

FOWTOil & GasDeepwater Lifting

Dynamica Tethers - mooring of MWA

5 huge MWA structures. 90t. 12.5m x 14 m. Manufactured by NOV. Installed by Havfram at Balder field. The installation required each of the MWA’s to be pulled down to enable connection to the preinstalled suction mid-water arch foundation – consisting of 140t anchors using Dynamica MWA Tethers.

FPSO Oil&Gas Dynamica SUPREME ropes SK78 dyneema fibres

Oil & Gas

Rope lifting system for FPSO

Light and flexible Dynamica pendants were delivered for the rope lifting system for the FPSO in the Caribbean part of South America. The light and strong Dynamica SUPREME ropes made with SK78 Dyneema® fibres have been used for similar systems many times in the past.

Dynamica SafeLift Sling for bridge lift

WinchUtilityHeavy Lifting

Dynamica SafeLift slings - how to lift a bridge

The Matagarup Bridge, located on the Swan River is connecting the eastern side of Perth city with Burswood Peninsula, Australia. The construction set up required a change from the traditional steel wire slings to the high performance Dyneema® fibre SafeLift slings.

Oil & Gas offshore crane stringer

Oil & GasCranesHeavy Lifting

Ultralight offshore crane stringer – safety in lifting operation

An alternative crane stringer made by Dynamica Ropes was used offshore on an Oil & Gas platform for various types of heavy lifts. A synthetic stringer of WLL 30 t was chosen by our customer in order to make the rigging lighter and easier to handle and contribute to the safety of riggers during offshore operations.

worlds biggest braider new building Dynamica Ropes

FOWTOil & GasHeavy LiftingOffshore Wind

World’s biggest rope braiding machine

Today, the “business as usual” is not sufficient. Innovation and energy savings are the keys to creating a sustainable competitive advantage. The drive for innovation creates new business, meaningful tasks, and an interesting and challenging working place for our employees.

Dyneema fibres

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