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Installation of high voltage transmission lines

- made possible with lightweight and easy to handle Dynamica SK99

The installation of high voltage transmission lines to electricity poles proved more difficult than first anticipated as it involves a helicopter used for both pulling the transmission lines and transporting the feeder lines - these connects the transmission line to the electricity pole and pull the transmission line from pole to pole.

The toughest challenge was that the helicopter could not carry both the feeder lines and transmissions lines, because traditional feeder lines were too heavy.

Before the installation could begin, our customer, therefore, sought alternatives to steel wires to act as feeder lines.

When they contacted us, we suggested replacing the traditional feeder lines with Dynamica SK99 pulling lines, because this type of rope is known for its ability to maintain a high breaking strength and small diameter at the same time.

Our customer decided on a 16 mm Dynamica SK99 with a breaking strength slightly higher than 28 t. This meant that Dynamica SK99 were lightweight, small yet strong enough to act as a feeder line.

The Dynamica SK99 solution not only made the installation of high voltage transmission lines possible, it also saved the customer man-hours and money due to the Dynamica SK99’s lightweight nature. 

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