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High performance fibre solutions for

Aquaculture & fishing


Ropes for Aquaculture & Fishing

When doing operations within Aquaculture and Fishing the main goal is to keep the fish in and the predators out.

By choosing a Dynamica rope solution manufactured with HMPE/Dyneema® you are ensured maximum strength and minimal weight; thereby gaining easier handling, lower maintenance costs, greater safety and efficiency.

Our many years of hands-on experience with engineering and manufacturing equipment for Aquaculture and Fishing means that we can guide you in terms of choosing the best equipment for your operation.

Read more about our products, services, cases and get to know us better – this way you can choose us as your trusted supplier and partner with ease.

Test bed at Dynamica Ropes

Need help finding what you’re looking for?

Unsure of the best equipment for your operation?

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Dynamica Trawl Warps

Looking for trawl warps that reduce fuel consumption, increase vessel stability and catch?

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Dynamica FORTUNA

Looking for strong, light and affordable sweeplines, backstrops, headlines or riblines?

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Dynamica ATLANTIC Line

Looking for a cost-effective backstrops, trawl framelines, riblines or sweeplines?

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Cases - customised solutions

Read about different projects, we have supplied HMPE/Dyneema® solutions to.

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At Dynamica Ropes we offer the following services

Technical services – we know our fibres!

Engineered HMPE/Dyneema® rope, sling & Tether solutions. Inspection & recertification. Proof Loading & break tests.

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Dynamica Ropes - Danish rope, sling & tether manufacturer

Danish manufacturer

Engineering & manufacturing from headquarter in Denmark. Deliver globally – bringing quality solutions to you.

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Up to 10 times lighter than steel wire



Same strength as steel wire



Lightweight solutions, easier rigging, prevent injuries



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