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High performance fibre solutions for


Winch ropes, ropes & slings for Defence & Military

Winch ropes, ropes & slings for Defence

Whether it is at sea or on land the goal is to ensure that in the eye of the storm, the equipment aids a successful operation.

Our rope and winch rope solutions are proven in action and provide protection worldwide.

Replace steel wire and steel chains with light, ultra-strong, space saving and safe high performance fibre solutions.

By choosing our rope or winch rope solutions manufactured with HMPE/Dyneema® you are ensured maximum strength, minimal weight and recoil in case of breakage; gaining greater safety and efficiency.

Our experience in engineering and manufacturing to military, law enforcement and civil protection benefits you when choosing us as your trusted supplier – we utilise our knowledge for your gain!

Read more about our products, services, cases and get to know us better – we would be honored to support your mission with customised solutions that can change the way you work - for the better.

Change the way you work

- for the better



Up to 10 times lighter than steel wire



Same strength as steel wire



Lightweight solutions, easier rigging, prevent injuries



Design, engineering, customisation & know how for all industries

Dyneema fibres

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