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Have questions about Dynamica rope solutions made with HMPE/Dyneema® ?

Below you can read the most asked questions.

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What is the strongest Dyneema® fibre ?

Dyneema SK99 is the strongest fibre of all Dyneema® fibres - 20 % stonger than SK78.

The strongest Dyneema fibre

What is the service life expectancy of Dynamica rope solutions ?

The service life of Dynamica rope solutions depends on several factors and a mix hereof.

The most factors are: rough surfaces, temperature, explosive marine growth, UV, sheaves and lack of protection.

Lifetime of Dynamica rope

What is DM20 ?

DM20 is a low creep fibre made by the manufacturer DSM Dyneema. This fibre is used in static applications for deep sea moorings, static rigging, guys and stays and designed for applications with permanent load where creep is an issue.

What is DM20

What tension should be used for spooling Dynamica rope solutions on winches ?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend to spool the rope on the winch drum using approx. 10 % of the ropes' spliced BL.

spool the rope on the winch drum using approx.  10% of the ropes spliced BL

Can you use open thimble with Dynamica rope solutions ?

For the smaller sizes of ropes (below 12 mm) open thimble can be acceptable, but it has to be seized to the rope. In general we recommend using stainless tube thimbles and preferably with a gusset, which prevents the thimble from deformation.

Remember, Dynamica rope solutions are stronger than you think and poor quality thin walled thimbles can not withstand the pressure on the connection points.

Open thimble

Can you terminate Dynamica rope solutions like steel wire ?

No, you can not put Dynamica rope solutions into a socket. You will only obtain a very small part of the ropes' breaking strength.

Termination rope

How short splice can Dynamica rope solutions be made with ?

The length of the splice depends on the type of splice you make.

For the smaller diameters, up to 14 mm, we recommend at least 50 x rope diameter. For bigger diameters the length of the splice depends on the splice method and application.

Splice length

Do we have a load elongation curve for Dynamica SK78 ropes ?

Yes, you can request the information through Solution Request.

What is the elastic elongation of Dynamica rope solutions ?

The elastic elongation of Dynamica rope solutions at 30 % of the breaking strength is approx. 0.75 %.

elastic Elongation of Dynamica rope at 30% of the BS

Do Dynamica rope solutions float ?

Whether the rope solution floats depends on the construction.

If the solution is made purely of HMPE/Dyneema® it floats, as this fibre has a density of 0.98. However, if fibres like polyester are introduced, the rope will not float as the density is too high.


What is the difference between Dyneema®, Trosar, Technora, Plasma and Spectra ?

Dyneema® is produced by DSM in the Netherlands. It is an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) or for short HMPE. It is superior to many other synthetic fibres in terms of weight, abrasion resistance, strength etc. Read more about HMPE/Dyneema® here.

Trosar is also produced by DSM but at their Chinese facility. Trosar is also a UHMWPE, but slightly weaker than Dyneema®.

Technora is an aramid fibre that is stronger than high tenacity polyester but weaker and heavier than HMPE/Dyneema®.

Plasma is product name for a UHMWPE rope manufactured with Spectra fibres.

Spectra fibres are produced by Honeywell in USA and are slightly weaker than Dyneema® fibres.

What is the minimum bending radius for Dynamica rope solutions ?

Depending on the application, the bending radius vary from 2 to 20, or even more.

We always recommend you verify the planned configuration with our R&D team. We will advise you based on our experience and testing.