A Dyneema® rope manufacturer with several years of experience

As an industrial rope manufacturer, Dynamica Ropes delivers custom-made rope and sling solutions to a countless number of industries.

Heavy lifting slings and rope solutions for the wind industry

Slings manufactured with Dyneema® are used within the Wind industry for heavy lifting operations where high-performance lifting slings are required. DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are used for lifting nacelles, towers, jackets, and positioning of windmill wings during installation.

Danish Dyneema® rope manufacturer Offshore lifting operations

DYNAMICA slings are manufactured on state-of-the-art machinery according to DIN EN 1492-4. The slings are used as lifting gear in offshore and onshore lifting operations.

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Industrial rope and sling manufacturer for heavy lifting set-ups

Within the heavy lifting industry, it is common to use steel wire slings, but during the past years a shift has happened and the use of heavy lifting slings made with Dyneema® has increased significantly. This is an important improvement when talking about safety since DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are safer to handle due to low weight.

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Ropes made with Dyneema® for the Maritime industry

Dynamica Ropes manufactures Dyneema® ropes for mooring, and some of the key benefits using ropes made with Dyneema® are:

  • Low weight and easy handling
  • Positive buoyancy
  • Less crew required for handling

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Dyneema® rope manufacturer of trawl warps for the Fishing Industry

Dynamica Ropes is a Dyneema® rope manufacturer with many years of experience within the fishing industry. Dynamica Ropes’ sister company, Netmark, has a broad experience in manufacturing nettings for huge trawlers, and Dynamica Ropes is manufacturing trawl warps which are used as a replacement of steel warps on bigger fishing vessels. Netmark is manufacturing nettings in nylon for the more traditional pelagic vessels, but also nettings in high-performance Dyneema® fibers, for fishing gear where strength and weight matters.

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Dyneema® winch line ropes by Dynamica Ropes

DYNAMICA winch lines are the preferred choice for different industrial winches in several segments. Winch lines with Dyneema® are used for electrical winches, traction winches in Wind turbine towers, winches used for pulling inter-array cables and export cables from the seabed onto the substation deck in Borkum Riffgrund 2 Offshore Windfarm.

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Dynamica Ropes is sponsoring the professional Land Rover enthusiast Rasmus Olssen. Rasmus is using a DYNAMICA winch line mounted on his winch.

Rasmus is satisfied with the performance of the rope, especially in compresence with steel wire rope which was used before. Rasmus Olssen is attending several challenges and will only be using ropes with Dyneema® manufactured by Dynamica Ropes.

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Seismic rope solutions manufactured by industrial rope manufacturer

Dynamica Ropes supplies seismic rope solutions for main tow ropes, separation ropes, de-float ropes, square lines, 3-eye spliced arrangements and winch ropes. DYNAMICA ropes are very well suited for the seismic industry because of low weight and high strength characteristics.

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Gliding winch rope manufactured with Dyneema®

Different types of gliders and gliding industries use DYNAMICA winch lines. We believe that the Gliding ropes made with Dyneema® will, within a few years, replace steel wires in the gliding segment. Until now, steel wires have been used for launching the gliding planes, but there is a range of advantages using static ropes/lines for gliding instead.

A Danish gliding enthusiast from Kolding Gliding Club has been very satisfied with the performance of DYNAMICA winch ropes used in his club: “Your lines have been an unconditional success. DYNAMICA lines are very comfortable when pulling the gliders up since they are light and stiff. Steel wire is much more elastic. Steel wire with a talurit end connection resulted in a much more uneven pull-up. The DYNAMICA lines also provide more height; around 50 meters more, I believe.”

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