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Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes for ships

Abrasion - & UV resistant ropes

Lighter, safer, strong mooring and towing ropes used for LNG, VLCC, tugboats, luxury yachts, bulk carriers etc.

rope texture

Technical information

Rope materialHMPE/Dyneema®
DiameterUp to 200 mm
Breaking strengthUp to 2500 t
Construction12 strand braided, rotation free
Hand friendlyLightweight, easy to handle
UV stabilityVery good
Creep Low
Chemical resistanceVery good
Abrasion resistanceExtremely good
Melting point144 - 152° C
Max. work temp.60 - 65° C
Combined Shape

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  • Strong as steel
  • 10 times lighter than steel
  • Low creep
  • 3-4 % elongation


  • Mooring
  • Tugging
  • Towing

Why choose Dynamica Towing & Mooring ropes?

Dynamica Mooring ropes are the preferred choice for all types of vessels; biggest containers, bulk carriers, navy, tankers, LNG vessels, ferries, barges, tug boats, fishing vessels to luxury yachts and smaller boats.

Recommended for split drums winch applications.
Not recommended for use on H-bits, capstans cleats.

Dynamica Towing ropes are the preferred choice for ships, tugboats and other vessels that performe towing and tugging operations.

Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes are made with HMPE/Dyneema® making them lighter, safer and strong; combined with their excellent abrasion - and UV resistance, the ropes are ideal for many different mooring and towing operations.

By choosing Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes you gain:

  • Safe worksites

  • Low weight

  • Easy handling

  • Clean deck

  • Floats in water (depending on construction)

  • Less crew and heavy equipment for handling required

  • Resistant to most chemicals

  • No rust, long lifetime in the maritime environment

  • No need for grease/lubrication

  • High tension and bending fatigue resistance

Towing and Mooring rope construction

Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes are manufactured with HMPE/Dyneema® in a 12-strand braided construction. Besides this, your ropes can be constructed in many different ways e.g. with a braided or woven cover made of either of heavy duty polyester or Dyneema®. Both covers can get a final treatment with a Double Shield Coationg (DSC) which prevents abrasion, penetration of sand/mud particles and UV.

If used on high seas or with strong winds, it is recommended by OCIMF that the rope is fitted with nylon, polyester or mixed rope stretchers in order to absorb the shock loads.


Our standard construction is a pennant with eyes with or without braided cover.

Dynamica Mooring & Towing pennant Dynamica Mooring & Towing pennant w/ braided cover

Thimble & masterlinks

Apart from the standard construction, Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes can also be manufactured with customised solutions such as thimbles and masterlinks.

Dynamica Mooring & Towing rope w/ thimble Dynamica Mooring & Towing rope w/ masterlink

What is the breaking strength & weight of Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes?

Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes are as strong as steel while being up to 10 times lighter.

Interested in a specific diameter, breaking strength and weight? Request the information through the solution request!

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What is the elongation of Dynamica mooring & towing ropes?

Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes has elongation of only 3-4 %, which is similar to steel wire. For towing operations, this ensures more even tows.

The mooring and towing ropes are comfortable to handle for crew due to the stiff construction.

Eventhough we heat-stretch the mooring & towing ropes, you will experience elongation when taking the ropes in to use due to constructional elongation. After some operations, the rope will become more length stable than their steel wire counterparts.

In case of breakage, the ropes' low mass and elongation results in the energy being distributed along the ropes’ entire length in a linear fashion with a relatively low recoil. Whereas, steel wire is known for lashing out endangering people and equipment.

Do & don't

Avoid rotating the rope during spooling as the rope will lose its strength and disturbe its construction, causing risk of failure.

When not in use, store the rope covered and away from sunlight to maintain as much strength as possible.

Use a good weather resistant coating to protect the rope from UV degradation.

How to cover Dynamica Towing & Mooring ropes?

Want longer service life? Protect your rope with a cover!

For Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes, we recommend protecting your rope with either a braided polyester - or Dyneema® cover.

The covers can be applied as follows

  • In the soft eyes

  • In the soft eyes and over the splice

  • In the soft eyes, over the splice in an agreed distance towards the middle of the rope

  • On the entire length

We always recommend covering the eyes and working ends, as these often are in contact with uncontrolled areas of service vessels or port facilities, that the crew have no control over.

Braided polyester cover

The braided polyester cover protects the rope against abrasion. It makes the rope non-floating, which is an advantage for some operations. On request, the cover can be treated with DSC.

Dynamica PRO cover

Dynamica PRO is a braided Dyneema® cover which provides additional protection of the main rope. On request, the cover can be treated with DSC.

What to look for while inspecting Dynamica Mooring & Towing ropes?

Regular inspections ensure a long service life and keep the total cost of ownership down.

Inspect the mooring and towing rope before every operation looking for the following signs:

  • Rope construction damage

  • Cover damage

  • Spooling damage

  • Splice or eye damage

  • Abrasion

  • Inconsistent diameter

Dyneema fibres

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