DYNAMICA heavy duty lifting slings

DYNAMICA slings made with the strong Dyneema® fiber are a real game changer in onshore and offshore lifting. Same strength but more precision, more efficiency and more safety.

DYNAMICA SafeLift slings and DYNAMICA SecureLift FIBER slings are manufactured in accordance to DIN EN 1492-4 and are CE-marked. You are welcome to download our datasheets by following the links below for more technical information. Do you have questions regarding a specific lifting operation or would you like to hear the opportunities for using DYNAMICA heavy-duty lifting sling you are more than welcome to contact us.

DYNAMICA SafeLift slings for heavy-duty lifting operations

DYNAMICA SafeLift slings made with Dyneema® are manufactured in a single, double or triple construction depending on the purpose of the sling and consumer wishes. Dynamica SafeLift slings are designed from ropes braided with Dyneema® fiber and are very light, compared with steel wire ropes. Furthermore, they are safer to handle, since the risk of backlash in case of overload, is very low. Compared to steel wire DYNAMICA heavy-duty slings store very little energy, which is reducing the risk of backlash significant.
It is an option to order DYNAMICA SafeLift slings with protective jackets or eye sleeve in order to increase the abrasion resistance and protect the sling. Read more about DYNAMICA cover solutions.


DYNAMICA FIBER slings for heavy lifting

DYNAMICA SecureLift FIBER slings made with Dyneema® have the same advantages as DYNAMICA rope slings. Another very important point is that the construction of heavy-duty FIBER slings makes it possible to manufacture very short slings with the same high strength. This is essential for lifting operations where the amount of space for lifting equipment is limited.

Low weight heavy-duty lifting slings made with Dyneema®

DYNAMICA heavy-duty lifting slings made with Dyneema® are much lighter than steel wire slings, which makes handling of the slings magnificent easier.

DYNAMICA ropes are approx. 10 times stronger than steel wires pr. unit of weight. It means that DYNAMICA ropes have a slightly higher strength than a steel wire of the same diameter – but less than one tenth of the weight. The low weight makes the slings easy to mount correctly and the employees dealing with the heavy-duty lifting slings minimize the risk of back pains. Another great advantage for the crew handling the slings is that slings made with Dyneema® are much softer than steel wire, which reduces the risk of hand injuries significant.

The difference between Creep and Elongation

Do not make the mistake and confuse elongation with creep. Creep is a material property, which often is misunderstood and confused with constructional elongation although these are two different matters. Creep can be defined as the continued extension of a material when exposed to a constant static load, during a period of time and at the given temperature. When talking about rope made with Dyneema®, creep is the length at which the fiber in the rope stretch over time. Constructional elongation is on the other hand referring to the extension of the rope due to the construction of the product. All DYNAMICA heavy-duty lifting slings are proof loaded according to the standard in our in-house Test Facilities.