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Inhouse test bed

At Dynamica Ropes we offer the following services


You know your challenge. We know our fibres.

Our R&D and production team offer technical services, read more below.



Test bed

Test bed

Inspection & recertification

Inspection & recertification

Engineered with attention

Many projects may appear similar, but every project creates its own challenge and risk. Complex lifting, mooring and winching operations are becoming more complicated; changing weather conditions shorten the time frame and loads are bigger, heavier and more valuable.

Dynamica R&D team understands your project, challenge and advise you:

  • Finding the correct product

  • Rope minimum breaking load (MBL) or sling working load limit (WLL)

  • Rope length or sling effetive working limit (EWL)

  • Bending ratio

  • Flattening under load

  • Spooling on winch

  • Min. trunnion size

  • Choice of end terminations

  • Assuring a safe and cost effective operation

In-house Proof Loading, certification & break test - rent the Test Bed

At Dynamica Ropes, we offer Proof Loading and break tests up to 500 t for fibre products such as:

Rope sling

Rope sling

Fibre Sling

Fibre Sling





Winch rope

Winch rope



All tests are 100 % digitally integrated and testing of Dynamica solutions are conducted according to DS/EN ISO 2307:2019, DNV ST-N001 or customer specifications.

Proof Load and break tests are done according to standards/tests procedures, where the Test Bed can be programmed to sequence loading rates, pause and cycle in advance. The Test Bed is flexible and allows modifications for custom-made test setups.

We offer the following test setups:

  • Proof Load

  • Cyclic proof load

  • Break test

  • Test of end terminations

  • Test of joining configurations

  • Elongation test

  • Elongation at given load/ given time

  • Cyclic test dry/wet

After Proof Loading you receive a test certificate. On request, video documentation can be made.

Inspection & recertification

Inspection, of our rope solutions, takes place at our headquarter where our 35 m long Test Bed is situated. We follow a ruleset containing 14 steps ensuring the inspection's handling is uniform and complete. Inspections result in one of the following scenarios:

  • Recertification – when the products are not damaged and the breaking strength is intact.

  • Reparation and recertification – when the product has superficial damages, which must be repaired before recertification.

  • Retirement – when the product has damages that influence the breaking strength and the performance. The product is removed from service for disposal or recycling.


Easy & cost beneficial

"The Dynamica SecureLift Fiber Slings have worked fantastic for the tidal energy turbine, we're happy we chose Dynamica Ropes as our supplier. [...] We appreciate that they keep track of the project to see if everything is working according to plan"


Our preferred lifting equipment supplier

"Dynamica Ropes delivers SafeLift and SecureLift Slings with a low length tolerance of only 0.5 % between the individual slings. Therefore, they are our preferred lifting equipment supplier"

Offshore Wind company

In safe hands

“We have been using Dynamica SK78 mooring ropes for permanent mooring for more than 5 years. The ropes have performed to our expectations, the crew loves that they are easy to handle, are maintenance free and are a safe alternative. We have always recieved very good support both technically and commercially."

Permanent Mooring company

Light, strong & low length tolorance

"We have used the Dynamica Slings for lifting at the Edvard Grieg Offshore Field. We considered steel wire for the application but the weight of the wire itself made us look at other options. We chose Dynamica slings because of the low length tolorance and they have worked well for us,"


Precision on request

“Thanks a lot for your quick support and for taking a detailed look at what we are requesting. It is very much appreciated! In fact, we may have rigging for another tool that we may ask for you to supply”

Tooling Manager, Offshore Wind