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Dynamica FOWT mooring

Mooring ropes & ropes for tethering systems

Reliable synthetic mooring and tether ropes made with HMPE/Dyneema®, securing floating structures. Made to withstand the toughest subsea conditions.

Technical information

Load bearing materialHMPE/Dyneema®
Capacity> 4000+ t of MBL
LengthNo limit
Length toleranceaccording to customer specifications
Construction Single leg pennant or multicore
Mud & sand filterParticle barrier
CoverHMPE/Dyneema®, Dual Cordura, in splash/fouling zone
CertificationProject dependent


  • Superior tension fatigue properties
  • Extremely low length tolerances
  • Low creep
  • Time to failure analysis
  • Exceptional protection and abrasion resistance system
  • Anti-fouling system
  • BIO based fibres for low CO2 footprint
  • Made of pre-stretched core strength members


  • FOWT mooring
  • Floating Platform mooring
  • Tethering
  • Permanent mooring
  • Platform positioning

A better solution than steel chain

In high dynamic loading conditions, the FOWT moorings made with HMPE/Dyneema® are the best replacement solution to steel chain or wire.

The known weight problems when steel chains or wires in deep-water floating platform installations are used, are easily solved by replacing the heavy steel with the lightweight synthetic fibre ropes - gaining lighter handling both during installation and transport.

The design of FOWT mooring system can be made of Dynamica HMPE mooring fibre rope, wire, chain, or a combination of the three. Environmental factors - wind, waves and currents - determine which materials are best suitable for the mooring system.

Why choose Dynamica FOWT mooring ?

Dynamica mooring lines are reliable synthetic subsea mooring systems that secure floating structures.
Dynamica FOWT lines are designed and manufactured for specific operations and according to customer specifications. Always engineered to withstand subsea and site conditions.

From single HMPE/Dyneema® filament to finished mooring line, we have a quality conscious manufacturing process ensuring lifetime performance.
Dynamica mooring ropes can be manufactured as either single pennant or multicore rope, depending on the required strength, length and tolerance.

Technical support when designing FOWT deep-sea mooring system

We design the complicated mooring lines using the latest CAD technology, where the FOWT line design and entire process are explained and visualised together with a thorough product review in close cooperation with the customer.

All synthetic FOWT lines are manufactured to customer requirements and specifications ensuring the most suitable systems and cost-effective solutions for the application.

The most important focus is not to compromise on the mooring rope’s integrity. We always highlight the prevention of wear and tear and having the mooring line connection points as one of the very important review points often determining the final design.

Our many years of experience with designing synthetic solutions made with HMPE/Dyneema® enables us to engineer FOWT moorings that are fit for the application.

Floating structure Mooring Line construction

Dynamica moorings are custom-made and manufactured with HMPE/Dyneema® with quality and safety in focus.

Load bearing core

Dynamica mooring lines are manufactured with HMPE/Dyneema® also called ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UMWPE), used for manufacturing several types of mooring systems, slings and tethers.

Dynamica FOWT Mooring is the preferred choice for subsea installations due to the minimal creep and neutral buoyancy during its approx. 20 years of service.

Single rope moorings

Dynamica single rope mooring consists of high performance synthetic fibres stranded in several steps. The carefully calculated fibre preformation improves the structural stability and strength efficiency of this type of rope. They are dimensionally stable, flexible and are resistant to UV and corrosion. The elongation characteristics lie roughly close to the behavior of steel wire.

Multicore rope moorings

Dynamica rope mooring tethers can also be manufactured as multicore construction. This construction consists of strength members with a heavy duty jacket which protects the core from any external damage.

For certain applications, multicore moorings are offered, and they consist of a parallel laid construction made of pre-stretched sub-ropes.

The parallel core delivers a higher strength rope with an exceptional low weight.


Each termination, seized or spliced eye is controlled, securing the points of attachment from Mooring Line to the submerged connection point and the connection point at the floater.

How to cover & protect Dynamica FOWT mooring?

Dynamica mooring can have numerous layers of cover and protection, preventing any possible damage which can occur during either the installation or the long lifetime of the mooring system.

Rope Tether protective covers

The multicore ropes are often protected by an additional heavy duty braided jacket made with HMPE/Dyneema®.

Apart from that, Dynamica FOW lines have numerous layers of woven covers adding protection in the splash zone which prevents any possible damage that can occur during either the installation or the long lifetime of the mooring.

Braided Dynamica PRO cover

The machine braided Dynamica PRO cover is a heavy duty braided jacked used for FOWT mooring ropes. The tight construction and hard braid, of this type of cover, secures the load bearing fibres from damage.

Woven Dyneema® protections

Woven Dyneema® covers are the most abrasion-resistant of all covers making them an ideal choice for operations in the harshest and risky environments.

Fouling/Splash zone protective covers

Mooring Tethers are equipped with multiple layers of flexible laminated and PU-coated jackets eliminating any chance of particle ingress into the load-bearing core.

The design of the mooring lines has been chosen in order to achieve the best possible long-term performance under dynamic load conditions.

The design of the FOWT mooring lines and the construction of the cover is always done in close cooperation with the customer. Dynamica Tethers are offered with several layers of jackets and additional heavy duty HMPE/Dyneema® cover on the anchor points.

Anti-fouling system for FOWT mooring lines

Dynamica FOWT moorings are fitted with an antifouling system helping to minimalize the impact of the biofouling and eliminating a risk of impact on the load bearing core.

Mud & sand filter

The rope systems can be manufactured with sand- and mud filter which creates a barrier between the load-bearing core and cover layers.

The filter is an active barrier to particles and allows free flooding of the tether while protecting the load-bearing core.

The lightweight of Dynamica Mooring lines

Dynamica FOWT moorings are as strong as steel but up to 7 times lighter, designed to add flexibility and cost reduction.

The lightweight of our ropes allows a lean installation, resulting in the following advantages:

  • Weight savings

  • Transport costs savings

  • Reduced installation time & costs

  • Smaller installation vessels

  • Less crew

All the above result in lower cost of ownership.

What are Dynamica tethers' fatigue properties?

Dynamica mooring lines for FOWT tethering have significantly better fatigue properties than their steel counterparts. The fatigue life of Dynamica mooring lines are calculated based on the fatigue data, required lifetime, and construction of the mooring system itself.

For the steel chain or wire the dominant parameter with respect to tension fatigue is the amplitude. With an amplitude of 50% (25% +/- 25%) the lifetime prediction of steel is about 6500 cycles.

For Dynamica FOWT moorings made with Dyneema® the amount of cycles is not important.

The time under tension (resulting in creep) is the main parameter with respect to lifetime. The mooring rope of this type can withstand up to 80 mill of cycles.

Synthetic materials like polyester, aramid and polyethylene/HMPE outperform steel when it comes to fatigue based on the past 20 years of fatigue testing of synthetic Tethers and ropes.

Dyneema fibres

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