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Offshore energy mooring solutions

Offshore energy slings, ropes, winch ropes, mooring systems Dynamica Ropes

Offshore energy slings, ropes, winch ropes & mooring systems

There are many types of offshore energy operations and therefore, many different challenges. However, it all comes down to; how do we ensure fast yet safe installation?

This question is recurrent as efficient execution is vital to the operation schedule and budget.

Replace steel wire and chains with synthetic fibres such as HMPE/Dyneema®.

By choosing Dynamica offshore energy slings, tethers, ropes, winch ropes or mooring ropes manufactured with HMPE/Dyneema® you are ensured maximum strength, minimal weight, no rust and minimal recoil in case of breakage; thereby gaining greater safety and efficiency.

We supply sustainable solutions for the energy transition in the maritime and offshore industries.

Our many years of hands-on experience with engineering and manufacturing equipment for offshore energy operations means that we can assist you from first idea to final installation in terms of choosing the best equipment for your operation.

Our engineering methods have been developed for determining the design lifetime, bending lifetime, fatigue lifetime, creep characteristics, and system holding capacity for offshore applications.

Offshore energy rope design

Dynamica Ropes offer various and proven multicore parallel rope designs for e.g. mooring applications, and review the following in the design of mooring systems :

- The breaking strength of the rope (based on actual testing)
- Rope splice quality (fatigue performance)
- Creep lifetime Safety Factor over design life (based on creep rupture)
- Tension fatigue
- Static and dynamic stiffness
- Length accuracy
- Elongation during installation and use
- Creep
- Risk of damage during installation
- Marine growth

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Dyneema fibres

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