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Dynamica ATLANTIC line

Lightweight, floating & affordable

Dynamica ATLANTIC line is a 12 strand braided rope produced with high tenasity ATLANTIC fibre. An adaptable rope with high breaking strength, extended abrasion resistance and good spooling abilities - ideal as floating backstrop, trawl frameline, ribline or sweepline.

ATLANTIC line texture

Technical information

Rope materialATLANTIC
DiameterUp to 52 mm
Breaking strengthUp to 58 t
Construction12 strand braided, rotation free
Hand friendly Lightweight, easy to handle
UV stabilityGood
Chemical resistanceGood
Abrasion resistanceExtremely good
Melting point150 - 160° C
Max. work temp.245 - 250° C
Combined Shape

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  • Strong as steel
  • 10 times lighter than steel
  • 16 % elongation


  • Backstrops
  • Trawl framelines
  • Riblines
  • Sweeplines

Why choose ATLANTIC line?

If your operation requires an adaptable rope as floating backstrop, trawl frameline, ribline or sweepline.

The ATLANTIC line has high strength, low weight, elongation of 16 % and can be customised to your needs; it’s easy to splice and it can be manufactured with a floating core that ensures better spooling if used on winches.

What is the breaking strength & weight of ATLANTIC line?

The Dynamica ATLANTIC line is manufactured with high tenasity ATLANTIC fibres. Compared to Dynamica Trawl warps or FORTUNA, the ATLANTIC line has a slightly lower breaking strength but same weight.

The combination of high-density fibres, stretching and heating processes means that these lines are filling the gap between the ultra-strong HMPE/Dyneema® and traditional low-density ropes, as ATLANTIC Line is much stronger.

Interested in a specific diameter, breaking strength and weight? Request the information through the solution request!

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What is the elongation of ATLANTIC Line?

Dynamica ATLANTIC Line has 16 % elongation at break, which makes it the best choice for the jobs where the stability of the rope is important.

In case of rupture, the rope’s low mass and elongation results in the energy being distributed along the rope’s entire length in a linear way with relatively low recoil. This is unlike steel and polyester which is known for lashing out endangering riggers and other equipment.

Is ATLANTIC line rotation free?

Dynamica ATLANTIC line has a 12 strand braided construction which is 100 % rotation free which means that “snaking”, bird caging and kinking is not an issue, which is a common problem with steel wire ropes.

Do & don’t

Do not use the ATLANTIC line over sharp edges or rusty surfaces as this can lead to cuts, abrasion abuse and splice damages.

To attain long service life and protect the riggers, ensure all surfaces are in proper condition. If this is not possible, protect the areas at risk for abrasion abuse.

How to cover & protect ATLANTIC line?

Want longer service life? Protect your rope with a cover!

For most applications, ATLANTIC line is used without a cover, but for some it is paired with a Dynamica PRO cover.

We recommend using a cover (braided or woven) for especially tough applications in the eyes, other bearing points or on rope’s entire length.

We will assist and support you in choosing the right cover for your ATLANTIC line.

What to look for while inspecting ATLANTIC line?

Regular inspections ensure a long service life and keep the costs of ownership down. Inspect your ATLANTIC line before every operation looking for the following signs:

  • Rope construction damage

  • Cover damage

  • Fuzzed areas due to abrasion against rusty surfaces

  • Inconsistent diameter

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