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Case NOV - pull in rope

FPSO flexible pull-in winch rope

Our customer needed a safe and lightweight pull-in winch rope for pulling of flexible through the J-tube. The operation secured the end-fitting was fastened to the latching device.

A similar pull-in rope system used on Maari Oil Field Project south of Taranaki, New Zealand, was not protected sufficiently from abrasion and hence needed further development and why we were contacted.

pull-in rope system for maari oil field project

The challenge was to manufacture a winch rope with exact length and overall diameter as there were only a few mm allowance in the system.

We designed and developed a better solution for the centraliser pulling system; a pull-in winch rope with 37 t raw strength that only weighed 300 g/m.

We analysed the old sample in order to design and engineer this solution. The new winch rope was Proof Loaded in our in-house Test Bed in order to assure stable length, controlled elongation of the system and most important; exact diameter of the rope. By the end of the design process, the suitable protection was chosen and tested again.

“The best choice for this challenging job was Dynamica J-tube line made with SUPERIOR D as this has the best protection of the load bearing core. SUPERIOR D consists of SK78 rope and Dyneema® cover which abrasion resistance is superior to any other man-made fibre meaning that it eliminates risk of rope failure during the operation.”

Kate Christensen, Sales Manager at Dynamica Ropes

The pull-in was done in a precise manner as Dynamica rope system pulled the flexible through the centraliser.

Dynamica rope system

”We are happy to work with you because of your flexibility and innovative approach”

Ole, Senior Engineer at NOV

Dyneema fibres

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