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Siemens Gamesa

11 MW Wind Turbine

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Heavy lifting operation

Quick and safe in Østerild, Denmark

Before the installation of the 11 MW wind turbine, the Siemens Gamesa team faced the challenge; how to lift the 500 t nacelle quick and safely, protecting the riggers, equipment and not using unnecessary time and money.

This challenge made Siemens Gamesa reach out to our R&D team - understanding the operation, its challenges and engineering the best possible solution, required continuous dialog. The solution? The Dynamica SecureLift Slings.

The SecureLift Slings give greater flexibility, as they are lighter to handle for the crane and the rigging personal […] polyester, nylon or steel wire could have been used for the installation; however there are some clear advantages when using the Dynamica SecureLift Slings, as they are lighter and thinner.

Rasmus Hovgaard, Project Manager & Technical Sales at Dynamica Ropes

The careful design and fit test meant that the assembly of the nacelle on the tower was quick and done in a safe manner.
The Dynamica soft slings are safe to work with for the riggers and equipment due to their lightweight nature and the minimal recoil in case of breakage; making them highly reliable, no unnecessary time and money was spent during the entire operation.

“This amazing turbine has a capacity of 11 MW, producing power for 10.000 households. We are so pleased that we could contribute to this project, setting an even higher standard for lifting equipment”

Kate Christensen, Sales Manager

Dyneema fibres

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