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FPSO Mooring

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Case Bumi Armada 1206 x 695 px 150 ppi

We found the best partner for FPSO permanent mooring

The request for permanent mooring of the FPSO required a solution that had:

  • Strength

  • Reduced size

  • Low weight

  • Easy handling

  • Low backlash energy

The solution also needed to not be affected by sea‐water conditions and the stress related to permanent mooring.

Dynamica SK78 mooring ropes were the perfect match as it ticked all the boxes of characteristics required for permanent mooring.

"We have been using Dynamica SK78 mooring ropes as our permanent mooring ropes for our FSU. We have been using it for over 5 years now and are very happy to share that these ropes have performed beyond our expectations. Worth mentioning qualities are the easy handling and the maintenance free ropes, the deck is always clean. Crew loves to handle the ropes as they are easy to handle and free from whiplash, so very safe. Dynamica Ropes have given us a very good support both technically and commercially. We look forward to continue our association with them in the future [...] Dynamica Ropes have time and again proven to be the best Mooring partner at all times throughout the years without any issues"

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Case - Permanent mooring Dynamica Ropes
Dyneema fibres

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