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Improved towing capacity

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Breaking the waves with Dynamica Trawl Warps

Same strong and axial stiffness as steel warps but 7 times lighter and several other advantages.

For years traditional trawl warps have been supplied as steel wire ropes. Steel warps do the job but they also have disadvantages. They are heavy to tow, they grease from the lubrication and are creating a dirty and dangerous environment on the deck of the trawlers. And they rust. The cost of fuel used for towing is significant as well.
These are some of the reasons why fishermen keep on looking for new and better alternatives.

Dynamica trawl warps are used for all types of trawl fishing. They are successfully used for bottom fishing as well as for both pelagic and semi-pelagic fishing.

“I have a clean deck now. I no longer have grease on my deck from new steel warps and later I have no rust from rusty old wires.”

Kurt, Hvide Sande, Denmark

The lower weight of Dynamica Trawl warps means that there’s less maintenance needed on the winches, the wire spooling mechanism and the trawl blocks stay clean, the lifetime of the deck equipment is significantly prolonged. The boat has a better stability as the weight is app 7 times less than in the case of steel warps. This improves the towing capacity.

“ The synthetic warps manufactured by Dynamica Ropes are a game changer in trawling. We have been using a set of synthetic warps for herring and mackerel fishing since 2018, and there are no remarks whatsoever. Only the positive ones”

Svend, Skagen, Denmark

Dynamica Warps are always constructed for a specific trawler, they are not off-shelf product. The hard braided fibre core gives the warps the shape stability but also a great flexibility.

The warps are impregnated, heat set and stretched very hard, and then again impregnated and heat stretched one more time. This eliminates the construction stretch, the warps become very compact and so the circular form is well preserved, even on a trawl winch under heavy load.

The heavy duty construction of the outer braided jacket prevents the load bearing core from wear and abrasion, and maximize the vessels efficiency and productivity.

“Dynamica Warps are a proven way in pelagic fisheries to reduce weight, increase trawl opening, improve handling and decrease oil consumption during trawling. Once the skippers tried to use synthetic warps, they rarely wish to go back to the steel wire”

Jørgen Sørensen, CEO at Dynamica Ropes

Dyneema fibres

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