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Lundin-Edvard Grieg case technip

The lookout for a competitive alternative to steel slings

From heavy to lightweight solution

"The drawings showed that the rigging arrangement of the structures weighed around 80 t, but due to some changes in design, the weight had gone up to 170 t. Due to this heavy weight we started looking for alternatives to steel - could Dynamica Ropes help ?"

Our R&D team started a dialogue with the customer and together they found the best possible lightweight solution for this operation - the Dynamica SafeLift Slings.

“We have very strict requirements in terms of installation tolerances for structures inclination”

Karoline, Global Sourcing Specialist

Dynamica SafeLift Slings
The low weight combined with unique strength made SafeLift Slings the perfect
alternative for steel wire slings.

We manufactured 4 customised SafeLift Slings with a calculated weight of 190 kg in total, in comparison, a similar product made with steel would have weight 1.9 t.

To meet the customer requirement for extremely low length tolerance (0.20 % or less) all the rope slings were Proof Loaded in our 500 t Test Bed according to DNV-ST-N001.

The Proof Loading is our guarantee to you, that the heavy duty lifting sling can carry the load, which it is designed for. The Proof Loading insures a stable length of the sling and the smallest possible length tolerance in case of multiple lift.

Dynamica SafeLift Slings with low weight and low length tolerance were successfully used on the Rolvsnes field placed 6 km from the Edvard Grieg offshore field. This was the first subsea tie-back development for the Edvard Grieg.

Lundin-Edvard Grieg case technip

"Dynamica SafeLift Slings worked well, nice length tolerances and good performance offshore"

Jon, Lead Engineer

Dyneema fibres

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