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How to lift a bridge

Dynamica SafeLift Sling

Dynamica SafeLift Sling for bridge lift

Innovative Mega Jacks and high performance slings replaced traditional steel wire

The huge SafeLift slings combined with an innovative Mega Jack system was used to lift both halves of the main arch of the Matagarup Bridge in Perth, Australia.

The complex lifting and installation work of two 400t/120 m long steel “wishbones”, forming the large central arch of the bridge, called for innovation. The traditional steel wire slings were too heavy and dangerous to handle. The space available was limited and the need to lift the 400t sections 72m above water level – demanded an innovative solution to minimise risk.

Once the two steel wishbones were lifted into place, they were held securely in position for 3 weeks using Dynamica SafeLift slings.

“Our slings have never been used in this type of application before. It was indeed both an innovative and very exciting project”

Kate Christensen, Sales Manager

In fact, the project was so innovative, that ALE was awarded a Heavy Lifting Engineering price in Antwerp.

The Matagarup Bridge, located on the Swan River, is built for pedestrians and cyclists only, it forms an important part of the transport options for major events held in the 60.000- seat stadium at Burswood Peninsula.

“Our SafeLift slings are manufactured with an extremely precise EWL and are very length stable. The Mega Jack system pulled each section up within only 6 hours. The slings proved themselves during the 3 weeks when they were under constant tension keeping the wishbones in position. This solution reduced the cost and provided a safer operation.”

Jørgen Sørensen, CEO at Dynamica Ropes

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