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Lighter & safer rope solutions for

Aquaculture industry

Rope on winch for aquaculture

Corrosion belongs in the past

The aquaculture industry have been searching for alternatives to steel, as the overall system using chains was causing challenges and risk for employees when the pens had to be taken up for cleaning and repair.

The solution? Our lightweight and strong ropes.

The ropes are used on winches to lower and raise the bottom ring of the net pen making the operation easier, lighter and safer. The problem with corrosion on steel wires belongs in the past. Handling the pens by the winches is now an easy and safe operation for the crew.

"The objective is to prevent escapes, improve fish welfare and boost health and safety conditions for workers"

The round shaped sinker tube frames of net pens are buoyant but the weight of steel chain decreased their buoyancy. The netting used in the pens has often been damaged and the consequence of this was fish escaping through the holes in the netting. This is problematic not only for the environment but also causing insurance issues.

“The new lifting/lowering arrangement with our ropes is completely slack and independent of the rest of the system and in no danger of coming in contact with the net”

Kate Christensen, Sales Manager

The heavy chains are now to a great extend replaced by strong, light and durable Dynamica ropes which are easy to handle, do not require frequent inspections and satisfies most requirements for the salmon farming industry.

Dyneema fibres

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