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– safety in lifting operations

Synthetic stringer of WLL 30t

Oil & Gas offshore crane stringer

Ultralight offshore crane stringer – safety in lifting operation

The alternative crane stringer made by Dynamica Ropes was used offshore on an Oil & Gas platform for various types of heavy lifts. A synthetic stringer of WLL 30 t was chosen by our customer in order to make the rigging lighter and easier to handle and contribute to the safety of riggers during offshore operations.

Oil & Gas crane stringer

Light weight solution
Usually, a wire rope is the standard choice for ‘crane stingers’ used by Dynamica’s customers on offshore platforms, but this time the decision was made to try the lightweight Dynamica sling in order to decrease the overall weight of the assembly.

“The sling made with Dyneema® is fitted with the hardware which adds around 40kg to sling weight but the total sling weight is significantly lighter than a wire rope equivalent”

O&G heavy lifting customer

Dynamica crane stringer sling

An add-on for ease of installation and safety
The sling is fitted to a hook and master link. The hooks on ‘stingers’ are used offshore and can also include safety handles that have to be retrofitted to the hook in case the hook comes without it.

The handles make the hooks easy to operate while wearing gloves and also act to prevent finger pinch injuries which are common with self-locking style hooks. The lightweight Dynamica sling is easy to handle and became a preferred choice for crane riggers.

Dyneema fibres

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