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Dynamica Mooring rope

Mooring metocean buoys

Fugro seawatch metocean buoys

Redesign of traditional mooring for metocean buoys

Our customer manufacture a range of innovative buoys and sensors designed for real-time ocean and environmental monitoring. The traditional mooring had to be redesigned and we were asked for input.
The mooring systems are designed individually for the location depending on buoy type, water depth and environmental considerations (such as e.g. whale migration). It will typically consist of an anchor weight, a mooring line designed exclusively or as a combination of rope, chain for catenary effect and sometimes in combination with floats.

As traditional mooring systems were too heavy to handle, the concept was subject to our R&D team in order to find an easier and safer solution.

Dynamica SK78 in 20 mm was chosen for the job. The rope was terminated with thimbles and splicing area secured.

Dynamica SK78 ropes are not only strong and light, but also have low elongation and low creep making it a safe alternative to steel wire.

By replacing steel with Dynamica SK78 the customer gained:

  • Easier rigging

  • Decrease in handling speed

  • Less resources required

  • Fewer riggers and less equipment required

Dyneema fibres

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