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High demands for tugs and crew

Ready for deployment

Towing line - Dynamica Ropes

Emergency Towing system for Arendal Spirit UMS

- Extreme strength and ease of handling

The masters of Arendal Spirit trusted Dynamica Ropes' flexibility and experience when ordering quality ropes made with Dyneema® - and with good reason.

A quick shift in production made it possible to supply 2 lengths of rope in 104 mm for the Emergency Towing system, within a very short lead time.

arendal spirit emergency towing rope

The Arendal Spirit vessel is a Sevan Marine cylindrical design, has accommodation for 500 people, and is a modern infrastructure asset to the offshore energy industry.

Emergency towing lines often set high demands for tugs and crew

A safe connection to bollards and fairleads on board calls for the best quality rope prepared for installation in high waves.

The ropes from Dynamica Ropes are superior to traditional steel wires or fibres, which are both heavy and dangerous to work with. There is an extremely low energy storage in ropes made with Dyneema® and hence there is less risk of accidents if the rope fails.

Both ropes were fitted with a hard eye, prepared for deployment and provided a secure and non-abrasive connection. Ropes from Dynamica Ropes float, are not subject to rot, hence light and easy to handle.

104 mm rope emergency towing Arendal - Dynamica Ropes
Ropes like these are the easiest solution even in really bad weather conditions.
Dyneema fibres

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