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NOVA field

Anchoring of risers

Case Dynamica HD Tethers anchoring of risers

Raw power of the lightweight HD Tethers

Gjøa riser installation at the NOVA field.
370 meters under the sea level.
Served by the strongest man-made synthetic fibres.

In the summer of 2020, the ultra-strong and lightweight Dynamica HD Tethers were used for anchoring of risers at NOVA field. The Nova field is located about 120 kilometres northwest of Bergen and approximately 17 kilometres southwest of the Gjøa platform in the rough waters of Norwegian North Sea.

The risers were used for the new processing module which was installed by the world’s biggest semisubmersible vessel Sleipnir. When the module was successfully installed, the installation of pipes and flexibles could begin.

National Oilwell Varco designed and fabricated the risers in Kalundborg, Denmark. They were picked up by Subsea 7 vessels, which installed them on the Nova field.

The risers were anchored by Dynamica HD Tethers.
Through the new risers, Gjøa will provide injection water and lift gas to the Nova field and receive the hydrocarbon well stream.

BONUS INFO - Nerds facts, need to know if you are one of them ?

Gjøa was the name of a vessel bought by the famous Roald Amundsen in 1901 for his forthcoming expedition.

Gjøa” is not just a strange Scandinavian word. In fact “Gjøa” is a modern form of the Norse name Gyða (Gyda), a female name of Scandinavian origin that means ”Gods”.
The vessel was 70 by 20 ft (21.3 by 6.1 m) was built by Knut Johannesson Skaale in Rosendal, Norway in 1872 ( the same year Amundsen was born 😊 ) and the first 28 years served as a herring boat. 1903-06 Amundsen accomplished mobilization for the expedition on Gjøa together with six companions. Two years (3 winters) were spent on the way through the Northwest Passage and in Gjøa Haven at the North Magnetic Pole.

See a short story about Roald Amundsen’s expedition:

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