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Using Dynamica Winch ropes saves time

At Danish Krigers Flak (DKF), they used traditional steel wires for array cable pulling of strings for 72 turbines, but they were on the lookout for a replacement that was safer and more effective.

DKF is situated in the Baltic Sea in the easternmost part of Danish territorial waters. The array cable pulling was a time-consuming operation as it had to be done using two installation ships in order to connect the 72 turbines with their respective offshore substation.

Until recently the only available winch rope for cable pulling was a traditional steel wire. The running had to be attached to a hammer lock at the end, which in turn connected to 5 km of 800 mm array cable that was pulled along the sea bed.

Not exactly a perfect working condition for a synthetic rope!

"Steel wire rope can not give the flexibility required and it has always rubbed against the TP aperture causing paint damage to the infrastructure and causing the steel wire rope to splinter and require to be replaced”

The customer, therefore, asked us to engineer a HMPE/Dyneema® based winch rope solution.

Case - DKF, Messenger lines

The solution was Dynamica Winch ropes with double shield coating (DSC) as they are custom-made and can be manufactured in continuous endless lengths - they are the ultimate synthetic replacement of the heavy and dangerous steel wires.

“Using Dynamica rope saved time due to being faultless during all installations, having 2 large vessels in the sea waiting can be very costly if there are snags with the rigging [...] The ropes performed very well, there were no issues during any of the array cable pulling operations, each rope was attached to a winch with 5 turns around the drum. Dynamica performed fantastic with no fraying and withstand all conditions during operations the construction material if the rope allowed the flexibility and maneuverability during the installation to the TP."

Simon, Operations Manager

Dynamica Winch ropes are designed with a hard fibre core, which makes them compact and dimensionally stable. The highly abrasion resistant braided polyester or Dyneema® cover ensure efficient protection against abrasion.

When in operation, winch lines are subject to tension and in some cases the dirt, mud, rust can penetrate the rope. The abrasive elements can start to wear down the fibres and lower the performance of the winch ropes. The DSC protects the winch ropes against these abrasive elements.

Dyneema fibres

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