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Winch defence

Lighter alternative to steel wire

When in use, winch ropes are subject to tension and in some cases dirt, mud, rust can penetrate the rope. The abrasive elements can start to wear down the fibres and lower the performance.

Our customer asked us to design a winch rope solution for their newly delivered armoured vehicles which could provide friction on the winch drum while being very long and protected against the abrasive elements.

The solution was a new winch rope type, which provides friction on the drum, has an excellent strength to size ratio allowing the longest possible rope, is protected against abrasive elements due to our double shield coating (DSC) while being a lighter alternative to steel wire.

The winch rope meant the following advantages:

  • Safer operation

  • Low weight

  • Maximum length

  • Good spooling ability

  • Reliable strength

The new construction of these Dynamica Winch ropes performed in a safe manner, saving time and assuring a safer winching operation.

Defence winch rope - Dynamica Ropes

Dyneema fibres

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