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Gliders reach new heights with Dynamica Gliding ropes

Before 2014, our customer used steel wire for gliding but they thought they were heavy, difficult to handle and gave limited launch height.

They asked us for an alternative and the solution was easy; synthetic fibre ropes.

The change from steel wire to Dynamica Gliding ropes was easy, it only required some minor modifications to the winches and then the full benefits of the fibre ropes were achieved:

We have always been using steel wire ropes in our club. The steel wires had to be changed approx. every second year. The steel wire ropes were heavy and difficult to handle and we had a limited launch height.

At the beginning of season 2014, we changed from steel wire to Dynamica Gliding ropes and the first replacement of the ropes was in 2019. During the first five seasons, the ropes broke probably 2 or 3 times. which is far more seldom than when we used steel wire, because the ropes were stuck in an unfortunate manner.

Winch Operator

Ready for takeoff

The fiber lines give many advantages according to the users. The launch not only gives more height, but we are also having a smoother and more stable launch and the handling on the ground is far easier and much less dangerous.

Thomas, Glider Pilot

Takes safety to another level

Ground handling is much easier and less hazardous

Erik, Winch Operator

Dyneema fibres

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