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Dynamica pendants

FPSO Oil&Gas Dynamica SUPREME ropes SK78 dyneema fibres

Rope lifting system for FPSO

The light and flexible Dynamica pendants were delivered for the rope lifting system for the FPSO in the Caribbean part of South America.
The light and strong Dynamica SUPREME ropes made with SK78 Dyneema® fibres have been used for similar systems many times in the past.

Latin America/Caribbean oil & gas adventure - Resources of Latin America offer the potential to help expand regional economies and meet the world's growing energy demand.
Offshore Brazil and Guyana have become an important point of what is shaping up to be the continent’s two biggest oil and gas booms. The operators are looking for more efficiency and greater safety. This is where Dynamica Ropes products can be a game changer replacing traditional steel and chains.

FPSO illustration Dynamica Ropes

Offering greater safety - The Dynamica SUPREME PES is a 12-strand braided rope with UHMwPE SK78 fibers. This rope offers greater safety by combining the high-performance material of the load-bearing core with the robustness of the polyester jacket.

The pendants are custom-made and the precise length is in focus as they are part of a system where length accuracy is required. The very limited elasticity of the material can not compensate for the imprecise EWL of the product – Dyneema® fibres are unforgiving when it comes to tolerance.

Dynamica SUPREME is a proven and robust high-performance fibre rope with a protective jacket, which is preventing the abrasion and invasion of particles into the load bearing core. In some cases, a layer of particle protection can be added between the rope and braided jacket.

Dyneema fibres

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