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worlds biggest braider new building Dynamica Ropes

World’s biggest rope braiding machine

Today, “business as usual” is not sufficient. Innovation and energy savings are the keys to creating a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Innovation strategy

Facing increased competition, Dynamica Ropes aim to stay innovative and dispel the thinking that innovators are born, not made. We were born as a trading company but after only a few years we became a manufacturer and innovation is now in our DNA.

The drive for innovation creates new business, meaningful tasks, and an interesting and challenging working place for our employees.

Lack of equipment should not stop us from looking into new solutions, we need to expand the machine park continuously”

Jørgen Sørensen, CEO

Investing in rope technology

“Spending money” was a necessary decision. Firstly the new production space was constructed, and later the world’s biggest rope braider was purchased, both in order to follow the demands for lighter and stronger fibre solutions in the offshore markets.

Worlds biggest rope braiding machine at Dynamica Ropes Denmark

We begin with our customers

Our customers drive us to develop, innovate and accelerate our growth – the offshore construction structures are getting bigger and bigger hence our slings and moorings have to follow.

We listen to what our customers are saying to get insights into what they wish to change – and we need to innovate.

Some of the most innovative ideas may come from our frontline employees—after all, they’re the ones who engage with customers, products and services every day.

How we enable rope innovation champions

Dynamica Ropes involve everybody to contribute. We are a small and flexible organization beginning from our amazing production staff to engineers, sales, planning, marketer, logistics, Q&A and graphic designer – we bring different departments together and together we spark innovation.

Dyneema fibres

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