The change from steel wire to DYNAMICA rope slings made with Dyneema® fiber can provide cost savings, just like the change from polyester slings to Dyneema® slings is timesaving and reduces the costs of a lifting operation. Read more about DYNAMICA SafeLift slings or DYNAMICA SecureLift Fiber slings.

Lindø Industrial Park saves time and manpower by chancing to Dyneema® ropes slings

Lindø Industrial Park saves time and manpower by replacing heavy polyester slings with lightweight Dynamica SafeLift slings manufactured with Dyneema®. This case is about lifting a so-called 3D structure, but it could just as well be an operation of lifting a windmill tower.

The industrial park on Funen has a great experience with the handling and shipping of large components for the offshore and heavy industry. The industrial zone in Odense is, among other things, a collection point and a storage depot for jackets (offshore wind turbine foundations). Jackets are 63 m tall steel structures with a weight of up to 665 t per piece. This figure corresponds to the weight of 27 fully loaded lorries!

A gantry crane with a capacity of 1,000 t is used several times, both to gather the jackets and then to move them around for storage or shipping. The process involves lifting of so-called 3D structures, which have a height of 55 m and a weight of approx. 500 t per piece, where rigging needs to be done at a height of some 50 or 60 m. A lifting sling is lowered down along the foot of a jacket, pulled underneath two stiffs, and then guided back up to the beam. Lindø Industrial Park has used polyester slings for this type of lifting until very recently. A standard polyester sling, in this case, had a diameter of 101 mm with a weight of 186 kg. However, polyester has now been replaced with hi-tech Dyneema® ropes slings manufactured by Dynamica Ropes. More specifically, these 40 mm Dynamica SafeLift slings only weigh 45 kg per piece. A weight reduction of no less than 140 kg compared with a polyester sling.


Peter Blazejewicz, Transport Engineering Manager at Lindø Industrial Park, says:

„The weight reduction means that we save at least 45 minutes on each lifting operation. Since each lift involves a 1,000 t portal crane, a 103 m truck-mounted lift and normally seven employees, the time savings are undoubtedly substantial.“

Time is saved primarily because the switch to the light Dynamica SafeLift slings has made it possible to reach all four rigging points without moving the gigantic 103 m truck-mounted lift around. As the polyester slings were substantially heavier, the truck-mounted lift’s capacity could not reach the four rigging points from one place, and the lift therefore had to be moved at least once, with corresponding rigging and de-rigging.

Peter Blazejewicz continues:

“We naturally examine both the theoretical properties and actual physical condition of new lifting gear before we use it – and we were very impressed by the properties offered by Dynamica Ropes’ lifting slings. After a meticulous deliberation of the lifting task at hand with Enes Hadziefendic, Technical Consultant at Dynamica Ropes, we decided to buy SafeLift slings, and this has turned out to be a great decision.”

DYNAMICA Double SafeLift sling

Rope material         :          Dyneema® SK78

Eye cover material :           Dyneema®

Diameter                :            40 mm

Weight                    :            45 kg

Jørgen Sørensen, CEO of Dynamica Ropes, underlines that the strong 12 strand braided rope is particularly interesting for the offshore industry, which often places major requirements on the weight and size of the lifting gear. Enes Hadziefendic adds: “In the case of Lindø Industrial Park, two persons must be capable of handling the lifting sling at a height of 50 to 60 meters, and the truck-mounted lift must be able to reach all four rigging points without being moved around. This places immense requirements on the weight of the lifting equipment and simultaneously gives a priority to a small diameter because of the somewhat special rigging. ”

The SafeLift sling mentioned in this case is made of 12 strand braided rope, which is made with Dyneema® fiber, the strongest man-made fibre. SafeLift slings are supplied with a thick woven cover with Double Shield Coating at both eyes and in the middle of the sling to ensure protection against wear. The woven covers along with proper handling during lifting operation guarantees a long service life for the lifting gear.

Another important gain, made with the switch to Dynamica SafeLift slings, is better working conditions for the riggers at Lindø Industrial Park. Peter Blazejewicz says:

“Rigging with the polyester slings was physically demanding for the riggers. The switch to SafeLift slings has made this very heavy lifting easier for them. ”

Rope Lashings for transport and storage 

Rope Lashings made with DYNAMICA SK78 (Dyneema® fiber) are suitable for safe and careful transport of heavy and odd-size cargo, storage of windmill blades, lashing of parts of wind turbines and turbine towers. The Rope Lashings are very hand friendly, which means a minimum number of hand injuries. The low weight of the Dynamica Lashings makes them safer to use compared with steel wire ropes since the backlash energy in case of break is minimum. Read more about the advantages of Rope Lashing by Dynamica Ropes by downloading our Datasheet below.


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Light and easy handling DYNAMICA Tag Lines

DYNAMICA Tag Lines are manufactured with one of our standard rope called DYNAMICA SUPREME. The main rope is a 12 strand braided rope made with Dyneema® fiber. To protect the main rope we use a polyester cover, which is available in a number of different colors.


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