Lindø15 300Slings for wind projects are used for different purposes. DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are mainly used for:

• Lifting of jackets, foundations and TP’s
• Upending of jackets
• Lifting and upending of wind turbine towers
• Lifting of nacelles
• Positioning of the blades during installations
• Taglines for winches
• Sea-fastening during transport
• Cable pulling
• Lifting of spare parts inside the towers

Dynamica Ropes has a constant focus on quality and innovation and we continuously improve our products.



DYNAMICA Lashings made with Dyneema® are ideal for onshore and offshore transport of for example windmill blades and parts of wind turbines. DYNAMICA Lashings have limited backlash energy in case of break, which is an important safety factor. Furthermore, the lashings are soft and very hand friendly to deal with. The soft ropes also secure that the surface of the goods, which are secured for storage or transport, is not scratched. Compared with chains and hard strops DYNAMICA Lashings are both safer and easier to handle.


DSM Dyneema




DSM Dyneema




 Key benefits

  • Low weight – flexible  – easy to handle
  • Slings proof loaded at WLL – almost no elongation
  • Most abrasion resistant synthetic fiber sling
  • Max 1% difference in length
  • CE marked & all documentation follows the sling
  • UV resistant – additional UV protection on request
  • Not affected by oil or seawater and equally strong used in dry, wet, cold or humid conditions
  • Professional sling inspection service
  • In-house test/proof load at WLL or according to our customers specifications


We aim to make your work within heavy lifting operations easier and even the heaviest loads as safe and efficient as possible.