Dynamica Ropes offers inspection and recertification of DYNAMICA rope and fiber slings. All DYNAMICA SafeLift slings (ROPE slings) and SecureLift slings (FIBER slings) are delivered with a certificate, which normally is valid for 6 to 12 months pending on the construction of the sling and the agreed service subscription.
In some cases, we offer to do the sling inspection on the side and in other cases, we must do the inspection and recertification at our headquarter, where we have the required facilities. Dynamica Ropes is located in Frederica, Denmark and our production facilities contain among other things a 35 m long test bed and a portal crane, which often is used when reparations of inspected slings are done. You are welcome to read more about our test facilities and the opportunity to rent the 500 t Test Bed if interested.

What are we looking for during a sling inspection?

When making sling inspections we follow a ruleset containing of 14 points to ensure that the inspected products receive a complete and uniform handling. The sling inspection will result in one of the following scenarios:

  • Recertification: When the Dyneema® sling is not damaged and the breaking strength is intact
  • Reparation and recertification: When the sling has superficial damages, which must be repaired before recertification.
  • Retirement: When the sling has damages that influence on the breaking strength and the performance of the sling. The sling is removed from service.

Our recertification manual determines 14 different points, which our riggers follow carefully during each inspection:

  • Missing / Damaged tagging
  • Splice damage / Change in splice consistency
  • Creep / Elongation
  • Cut
  • External abrasion
  • Damage fittings / Cover
  • Internal abrasion
  • Mechanical damage
  • Inconsistent diameter
  • Rope construction damage (strand twist)
  • Heat damage
  • Glossy/glazed areas
  • Chemical damage
  • Surface abrasion in cover

Each point is evaluated and both the sling construction and the materials of the specific sling are taking into consideration. Our experienced riggers are attending ongoing fiber courses to understand Dyneema® and have solid experience within rope construction and the whole process when manufacturing 12-strand braided ropes and fiber slings.
If you would like to learn more about the different inspection steps, you are welcome to download our Sling Inspection and Retirement Guideline. It is important to mention that a guideline is a helpful tool in the process determining the condition of the sling, but it cannot stand alone. Our riggers are educated to handle inspections and the guideline is only a checklist to ensure a uniform and adequate inspection.

PDF: Rope Inspection and Retirement Guideline

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PDF: SafeLift sling Inspection & Retirement guideline

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PDF: SecureLift sling Inspection & Retirement guideline

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Is it possible to repair Dyneema® slings to obtain cost savings?

As a manufacturer of rope and fiber sling made with Dyneema, our experience is that if the slings have been stored and handled in a proper way, only minor reparations are needed to achieve recertification. Only a specialist educated and certified within Dyneema slings can determine the extent of the damage, and decide if the sling shall be repaired, downsized or retired.

How are the lifting slings recertified?

All DYNAMICA slings made with Dyneema® are delivered with a “Product Manual” containing documentation, declaration of conformity, certificate, user instruction, product data sheet and a proof load certificate. Pending on the agreement, the Product Manuals are delivered in hardcopy together with the slings and/or by e-mail. The certificate tells when it is time to recertify and you are always welcome to call us to make an appointment for inspection and recertification on +45 76225015. When we have finished an inspection, the intact slings will be provided with new certificates valid for another 6 to 12 months (depending on the agreement).