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Dynamica Soft Shackles

A quicker & safer connection

Dynamica Soft Shackles are 12 strand braided connections produced with HMPE/Dyneema®. Onshore replacing d-rings and anchor shackles - offshore replacing conventional cow hitches.

rope texture

Technical information

Rope materialHMPE/Dyneema®
Cover materialHMPE/Dyneema®
Diameter 5 - 56 mm
Breaking strength3 - 275 t
Construction12 strand
UV stabilityVery good
Chemical resistanceVery good
Abrasion resistanceExtremely good
Melting point144 - 152° C
Max. work temp.60 - 65° C
Combined Shape

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  • Strong as steel
  • 10 times lighter than steel
  • Safer than steel connections
  • Light & easy handling


  • Tugging
  • Towing
  • Vehicle recovery
  • 4x4

Why choose Dynamica Soft Shackles?

Whether you are onshore or offshore Dynamica Soft Shackles is your new quicker and safer connection.

Dynamica Soft Shackles are synthetic fibre connections produced with HMPE/Dyneema® formed into a shackle.

Offshore, the Soft Shackles are used for connecting pennant and main towing line during tugging and towing; it is a lighter and smarter connection that replace conventional cow hitches, steel shackles or similar hardware.

Onshore, the Soft Shackles are used with recovery points, roll bars, axles and bumpers; replacing heavy d-rings and anchor shackles in the majority of application.

What is the breaking strength & weight of Dynamica Soft Shackles?

Dynamica Soft Shackles are produced with HMPE/Dyneema® making them as strong as steel while being up to 10 times lighter.

By changing from steel connections to Dynamica Soft Shackles you gain:

  • Lighter and safer handling

  • Less damage and scrathing paint

  • Easy storage

  • Reduced risk of overpulling

Interested in a specific diameter, breaking strength and weight? Request the information through the solution request!

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Do & don’t

To take full advantage of your Dynamica Soft Shackle, do not use it over rusty surfaces and sharp edges as this can lead to cuts, abrasion abuse and splice damages.

To attain long service life while protecting the riggers, ensure all surfaces are in proper condition.

How to cover & protect Dynamica Soft Shackles?

Want longer service life? Protect your Soft Shackle with a cover!

Dynamica Soft Shackles are even more abrasion resistant with a cover; they are most frequently paired with Dyneema® covers.

We will advise on the choice of cover.

What to look for while inspecting Dynamica Soft Shackles?

Regular inspections ensure a long service life and keep the total cost of ownership down. Inspect the Soft Shackle before every operation looking for the following signs:

  • Rope construction damage

  • Cover damage

  • Abrasion

  • Inconsistent diameter

  • Knot damage

Dyneema fibres

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