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Dynamica J-tube line

Dimensionally stable & excellent spooling ability

Dynamica J-tube lines are manufactured with HMPE/Dyneema®. A safer, lighter and strong pull-in winch rope that is dimensianolly stable and has excellent spooling abilities.


Technical information

Rope materialHMPE/Dyneema®
DiameterUp to 120 mm
Breaking strengthUp to 800 t
Construction12 strand braided, rotation free
Hand friendlyLightweight, easy to handle
UV stabilityVery good
Chemical resistanceVery good
Abrasion resistanceExtremely good
Melting point144 - 152° C
Max. work temp.60 - 65° C
Combined Shape

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  • Strong as steel
  • 10 times lighter than steel
  • 3-4 % elongation
  • Low creep


  • Offshore Wind
  • Oil&Gas
  • Maritime

Why choose Dynamica J-tube lines?

If you are performing a J-tube pull-in operation and need a pull-in winch. Dynamica J-tube lines are a safer, lighter and strong alternative to steel wire rope.

Dynamica J-tube lines are manufactured with a core that makes them compact and dimensionally stable. They are impregnated and heat-stretched giving them excellent spooling abilities on any type of winch.

Dynamica J-tube lines are treated with a unique impregnation, which both prolongs the lifetime and decrease the internal abrasion between the fibres.

By shifting from steel to Dynamica J-tube lines, you gain:

  • Lighter handling without comprimising on the strength

  • Safer handling, no danger of injuries

  • A compact and dimensionally stable rope

  • A custom-made rope with excellent spooling abilities

  • Decreased internal fibre abrasion

  • Increased service life

What is the breaking strength & weight of Dynamica J-tube lines?

Dynamica J-tube lines are manufactured with HMPE/Dyneema® making them as strong as steel while being up to 10 times lighter.

In case of extraordinary long lengths or if there is limited space on the winch, your J-tube line can be manufactured with Dynamica SK99 ropes, which allows you to downsize on the diameter without comprimising on strength.

Interested in a specific diameter, breaking strength and weight? Request the information through the solution request!

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What is the elongation of Dynamica J-tube lines?

Dynamica J-tube lines have a similar elongation pattern as steel wire ropes meaning elongation of only 3-4 %.

Eventhough we heat-stretch the J-tube lines, you will experience elongation during the first operations due to constructional elongation. After some pull-ins, the lines will become more length stable than their steel counterparts.

When pulling with Dynamica J-tube lines, you will experience more even pulling due to the low elasticity and stiff construction.

In case of break, the J-tube lines' low mass and elongation results in the energy being distributed along the rope’s entire length in a linear fashion with a relatively low recoil. Whereas, steel wire is known for lashing out endangering people and equipment.

Is Dynamica J-tube lines rotation free?

Yes, the 12 strand construction is 100 % rotation free.

However, it is important to avoid rotating the rope during spooling; the rotated rope will lose its strength and this creates risk of failure, as this disturbes the construction.

Do & don’t

To take full advantage of your J-tube line, do not use it over rusty surfaces and sharp edges as this can lead to cuts, abrasion abuse and splice damages.

Cleaning the lines prolongs their service life. If mud and sand penetrates the rope, it will with time start to act as sandpaper. Remove dirt by hosing it down with low pressure water.

When spooling the J-tube line on a winch, be careful that the rope does not cut into the lower layers.

When the pull-in winch rope is not in use, cover it.

How to cover & protect the J-tube Lines?

Want longer service life? Protect your rope with a cover!

Dynamica J-tube lines are protected by a special DSC coating and heat-stretching proces from tension, dirt, mud and rust. The impregnation locks the fibres and prevents dirt from penetrating the rope.

To attain even greater abrasion resistance, we deliver J-tube lines with a tailor-made heavy duty jacket (polyester or Dyneema®), which ensures extremely high abrasion resistance and protects the pull-in winch rope when handling deepwater operations.

We will assist you in choosing the right cover.


Regular inspections ensure long service life and keep the total cost of ownership down. Pay extra attention to the spooling operation.

Inspect your rope before every operation looking for the following signs:

  • Damage caused by spooling

  • Construction damage

  • Eye- or splice damage

  • Cover damage

  • Abrasion

  • Inconsistent diameter

Dyneema fibres

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