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Mie Brask Kunak Dynamica Ropes

Mie Kunak
Digital & Graphic Marketing

+45 7622 5006

Mie is very creative and competent in marketing, and she facilitates our website, our SoMe posts, branding and our internal & external communication.

She holds a bachelor in International Business Communication, English and IT – so she is also in charge of our IT Security - not only for our sake – but also for everybody, who is digitally in contact with us.

Mie is our “Pippi Longstocking”, she is often involved in solving subjects she never handled before, and she always finds a way to solve the task.

Mie is always bursting with good ideas – for which reason she is the one who plans company parties and arrange entertainment & games.

In her spare time, she is a very busy Power Mama keeping up with all the hobbies, an active family has, such as mountain biking, basketball, and gymnastics. Her colleagues sometimes lose their breath…😄

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