To protect the main rope against abrasion, it is an option to add a cover to increase the lifetime of the rope. Dynamica Ropes is manufacturing a range of different standard covers, which are listed below.

The SUPREME cover is braided with polyester (PES) whereas SUPERIOR D and ORBIT are braided with Dyneema®. REFLECTA cover makes the rope visible in dark and the Dual Lock cover makes it easy to check the condition of the main rope, because of the open/close function. Read much more about the different covers, the construction and how they are impregnated by the following links:




ORBIT cover


Dual Lock cover


Depending on the purpose of the rope, it can be fordable to overbraid the entire rope or only certain areas of the rope, which particular are exposed to abrasion. In cases where DYNAMICA ropes are used for tugging, the part of the rope that are running through the opening of the tugboat is often protected with a cover, but the rest of the rope is not. In other cases, the entire rope/sling is exposed to abrasion and it can be fordable to overbraid the entire rope.

Furthermore, it is an option to add thimbles, soft eye terminations or a secure and lasting termination of DYNAMICA covers called Snaketail. There is a range of different options when it comes to terminations.

Take a look at some of the rope and cover terminations here.

Dynamica Ropes is specialized in custom rope solutions and is always interested in finding the right rope solution for your project. Give us a call or write an e-mail and we will make you an offer.