DYNAMICA SUPERIOR D for trawl warps, sweeplines and other rope solutions for the fishing industry

DYNAMICA ropes are often used in the fishing industry for trawl warps, sweeplines and other rope solutions. DYNAMICA ropes are also for backstrops, gilsons, headlines, riblines and spliced meshes.

Especially the DYNAMICA SUPERIOR DSC is popular for trawl warps. Dynamica SUPERIOR DSC Trawl Warps are the most flexible and strong synthetic trawl warps on the market.


DSM Dyneema



These warps are designed individually for each fishing vessel. Dynamica SUPERIOR DSC Trawl Warps are made with a hard braided core which is separately impregnated and heat set. On the top of this core, the bearing part of the warp is built as a 12-strand rope. Both elements undergo a very tough heat stretch process which helps to align all the fibers in the rope.

The outer layer is a tough polyester or Dyneema® jacket, which protects the valuable core inside.The outer jacket is bonded to the rope inside by DSC coating (Double Shield Coating) which is also closing the fiber in the outer layer and prevents the sand, mud and dirt from penetrating the rope.

By the end Dynamica SUPERIOR DSC Trawl Warps are heat stretched one more time.The last treatment activates the molecules in the DSC coating and ensures that the Dynamica SUPERIOR DSC is the most compacted and strongest warp on the market.

Key benefits

  • Reduces the weight 7 to 10 times vs. steel wire ropes.
  • DYNAMICA SUPERIOR D warps improve vessel stability in cases where the trawl winches are placed in a high positions on board the vessel.
  • DYNAMICA SUPERIOR D warps require no maintenance as in case of steel wire warps. No lubrication, rust etc.
  • Using the DYNAMICA SUPERIOR D warps, the fuel consumption is approx. 10% less compared with steel wire.
  • Very safe to use (very little/no backlash energy stored).
  • Trawl shape is more consistent when fishing in rough conditions, when the catch is full or when turning.
  • Dynamica SUPERIOR D wraps have approx. 3 times longer life than traditional steel warps.
  • With the synthetic warps, the trawl is easier to tow and the trawl doors can be downsized. For example, the weight of a set of steel wire warps 32 mm 2×2000 m is approx. 14 t while the weight of a set of Dynamica SUPERIOR D warps 32 mm 2×2000 m is approx. 2 t.

ATLANTIC LINE for backstrops, riblines and other rope solutions for the fishing industry

ATLANTIC LINE is made with a special degree of Danline fiber. ATLANTIC LINE is very well suited for the fishing industry and is primarily used for back strops, trawl lines and riblines. ATLANTIC LINE does not have the same strength as ropes made with Dyneema®, but is suited for the fishing industry because of its low weight and its ability to float.


DSM Dyneema





DSM Dyneema