DYNAMICA SUPREME PES is a braided polyester cover that is manufactured for ropes (diameter: 16-48 mm) in a wide range of colors. The SUPREME cover protects the main rope and provides a longer lifetime. For further protection, it is optional to impregnate the polyester cover with a coating that closes the fibers (DYNAMICA SUPREME PES cover with Shield Coating).


Furthermore, the polyester cover provides a safer working environment. If the rope should be overloaded, the polyester cover will make sure that backlash does not occur, since the rope breaks inside the cover. The SUPREME cover has a function like a shield. Click here to watch a video that illustrates the safety feature of a Dynamica SUPREME (polyester cover) compared with a DYNAMICA SK78, which is a standard rope without a cover. The backlash is stronger and more dangerous when a rope without a cover breaks.

The backlash can be a risk for the work force handling the rope and damage technical equipment and other surroundings. However, backlash of a rope braided with Dyneema® will never be as dangerous as the backlashes that occur when a steel wire rope breaks.