DYNAMICA SUPERIOR D cover is a Dyneema® cover, which can be additionally treated with the Dynamica Shield Coating. Dyneema® covers are manufactured to protect rope eyes, rope splices and/or other exposed parts of ropes. The SUPERIOR D cover can be applied for brand new DYNAMICA ropes made to order.


DYNAMICA SUPERIOR D with Dyneema® is made as an open braid that is easy to pull over the rope that has to be protected. It is easy to splice & seize into the rope in order to have ends fastened. It is optional to impregnate with a Shield Coating to improve the abrasion resistance and close the fiber of the cover. The heat setting process of impregnated cover ensures the higher abrasion ability.


Key benefits of adding the Shield Coating

  • Compact heavy duty protection of the critical/exposed parts of the rope
  • Longer lifetime of the rope
  • Easier to apply on the rope by crew on board as it is more stable than untreated cover