Glider launch with static Dyneema® ropes/Dyneema® lines

Static ropes or lines made with Dyneema® will within a few years replace steel wires in the glider business. Until now, steel wires have been used for launch, but there is a range of advantages using static ropes/lines for gliding instead. Based on several test flights, it is obvious that it is easier and more economical to use Dyneema® ropes / Dyneema® lines for gliding, compared with steel wire.

During the past few years, Midtjylland Gliding Club has used 5 mm DYNAMICA gliding ropes made with Dyneema® for glider launch and is very satisfied. Thomas Nielsen, gliding enthusiast, tells that the static ropes have been a proven success, and continues: “DYNAMICA gliding ropes are very comfortable during take-off because of the stiff construction. To compare, steel wire is much more elastic and contains a lot of gatherings after a short period of time, which make the take-off uneven.