Glider launch with static Dyneema® ropes/Dyneema® lines

Static ropes or lines made with Dyneema® will within a few years replace steel wires in the glider business. Until now, steel wires have been used for launch, but there is a range of advantages using static ropes/lines for gliding instead. Based on several test flights, it is obvious that it is easier and more economical to use Dyneema® ropes / Dyneema® lines for gliding compared with steel wire.

Midtjylland Gliding Club has during the past years used 5 mm DYNAMICA gliding ropes made with Dyneema® for glider launch and is very satisfied. Thomas Nielsen, gliding enthusiast, tells that, the static ropes have been a proven success and continues: “DYNAMICA gliding ropes are very comfortable during take-off because of the stiff construction. To compare, steel wire is much more elastic and contains after short time a lot of gatherings, which make the take-off uneven.

Key benefits

  • The weight of a DYNAMICA rope is 7 to 10 times lighter than a steel wire and is on this behalf much easier to handle.
  • Before the rope is disconnected from the glider winch, it is possible to reach about 20% extra height using a DYNAMICA rope instead of a steel wire rope.
  • The pilot experiences a comfortable launch because of the stiff rope construction. DYNAMICA ropes are preselected and have almost no elongation. In contrast, steel wire ropes are elastic and contain in a short while of time several gatherings, which make the launch uncomfortable.
  • The winch-handler does not feel whiplashes, which is possible with steel wire, when disconnecting the line.
  • When using DYNAMICA rope, it is possible to use a smaller parachute for the rope.
  • It is by far easier to pull a DYNAMICA rope out of a winch than pulling an equivalent steel wire out.
  • The light DYNAMICA line does not cause any damage when it falls after hauling (Ropes made with Dyneema® are light, soft and static)
  • Breakage of a DYNAMICA rope after launch is very rare.
  • DYNAMICA gliding rope is easily spliced if a breakage should happen.


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