Dynamica Ropes offers professional education in splicing of ropes. The splice course contains education in 2 or 3 different splice methods, depending on your needs and wishes. We educate in Brummel Splice, Quick Splice, Reverse Brummel Splice and Tuck Splice. An experienced Dynamica Ropes splicer will teach you, and you will have the opportunity to do the different splice methods yourself. In the end of the course, you will have the possibility to test the breaking strength of your spliced rope in our 23 meter long Test Bed with a capacity of 500 t.



Brummel Splice instruction – splicing of rope

Dynamica Ropes has many years of experience within splicing of rope. The most used methods are Brummel Splice and Tuck Splice. Brummel splice is a quick, simple, efficient and secure way to splice DYNAMICA ropes. Read the instruction below, or give us a call, if you are interested in a Splice Course.

Brummel Splice Instruction (PDF)


Tuck Splice instruction – splicing of rope

Tuck splice is a more complicated splice method, but provides a spliced rope with maximum strength.

Tuck Splice Instruction (PDF)