All DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are made with Dyneema® and are manufactured according to DIN EN 1492-4. Every sling is custom-made with quality and safety in focus. The rope slings are constructed as a single, double or triple sling with a variety of options when it comes to covers and extra protection against abrasion.


DSM Dyneema




What are Dyneema® fibers?


DYNAMICA Safelift slings are made with Dyneema®, which is classified as the strongest fiber in the world. Dyneema® fibers are also known as Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE) and are used for a wide range of different products where strength and flexibility are needed.

The same properties make Dyneema® fibers the best choice for heavy lifting slings. The low weight combined with strength make SafeLift slings the perfect alternative for steel wire slings, traditional polyester slings or other types of lifting slings. The low weight makes the slings easy to handle but also safer to use, since the amount of stored energy in the sling are much lower compared with a steel wire sling. A low amount of energy means a limited risk of backlash in case of break.

ROPE slings and FIBER roundslings made with Dyneema®

DYNAMICA lifting slings are mainly used for onshore and offshore lifting operations where for example wind turbine wings, turbine parts etc. are mounted, repaired or dismounted. All sling are custom-made, but you can see a few samples below. In cases where the space for lifting equipment is limited, it can be an advantage to use FIBER roundslings instead of ROPE slings. DYNAMICA SecureLift Fiber slings are made with Dyneema® fibers and are covered with a woven cover also made with Dyneema® or polyester depending on the application. Read more about DYNAMICA SecureLift Fiber slings here.

DYNAMICA Double SafeLift sling

Rope material         :          Dyneema® SK78

Eye cover material :           Dyneema®

Diameter                :            44 mm

WLL (SF: 7:1)        :            90 t

Break load:             :           630 t

DYNAMICA Triple SafeLift sling

Rope material         :          Dyneema® SK78

Eye cover material :           Polyester

Cover, middle sling:            Polyester

Diameter                :            72 mm

WLL (SF: 7:1)        :            320 t

Break load:             :           2450 t


Cover and other types of sling protection materials

To secure a long lifetime of your SafeLift slings, it is often beneficial to apply a cover to protect the sling in the bearing point or against abrasion on the main body of the sling. The cover can be added to the entire heavy lifting sling or on specific areas, which are particularly exposed to abrasion. The most commonly used covers are made with Dyneema® or Polyester. Dynamica Ropes offers a wide range of other cover opportunities, which you can read more about here: DYNAMICA Covers.

Regular inspection of the sling is a crucial parameter and DYNAMICA Dual Lock cover and DYNAMICA Woven Dyneema® sleeve are good and durable solutions to look into. Both covers have an open and close function, which makes visual inspections possible.

Sling inspection service agreement – Safety is our drive

To secure safe and workable lifting slings, Dynamica Ropes offers a special service agreement to all customers. The agreement includes a professional quality check of DYNAMICA SafeLift slings, repairs of possible damages, proof load in our Test Bed according to the standard and recertification. Read more about the service agreement here.

Safety has a high priority in the lifting industry. Therefore, it is always important to inspect the lifting gear before use. Here is an inspection and retirement guideline by Dynamica Ropes, which you are welcome to download:


DSM Dyneema

DOWNLOAD PDF: DYNAMICA SafeLift sling inspection & retirement guideline