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Dynamica Taglines

Greater control & safety

The Dynamica Taglines are 12 strand braided winch ropes made with HMPE/Dyneema®. Dynamica Taglines can be used with many different winch systems or handheld. Dynamica Taglines are not kinking and 100% anti tangle, and are adopted in Oil & Gas, Offshore, Mining and Energy sectors. Significant power and very light in weight, ensuring greater control over the lifted objects and safer working conditions. The braided cover is protecting the ropes from abrasion and scratches. The most length stable Taglines due to the extraordinary heat stretch process. Made with a high visibility cover on the outer braid which is washable and easy to clean.


Technical information

Rope materialHMPE/Dyneema ®
Diameter w/o coverFrom 5-16 mm
Breaking strengthFrom 3-26.1 t
Construction12 strand braided, rotation free
Hand friendlyLightweight, easy to handle & store
UV stabilityVery good
Chemical resistanceVery good
Abrasion resistanceExtremely good
Melting point144 - 152° C
Max. work temp.60 - 65° C
Combined Shape

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  • Safer than steel
  • Strong as steel
  • 10 times lighter than steel
  • 3-4 % elongation


  • Heavy lift control
  • Load control

Why choose Dynamica Taglines?

Dynamica Taglines can be used handheld or on winch systems. When used on winch systems, the ropes are custom-made and do not put additional weight on the winch.

When choosing Dynamica Taglines you get a winch rope that has:

  • reduced tendency to wrap around objects and catching pinch points

  • less fraying causing the line to catch (handheld purposes)

  • less tangling as designed with a rigid core and cover

  • Great spooling ability

What is the breaking strength & weight of Dynamica Taglines?

Dynamica Taglines are as strong as steel while being up to 10 times lighter. This means handling requires less time and you gain higher productivity.

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What is the elongation of Dynamica Taglines?

Dynamica Taglines are not only strong and light, but also have low elongation (3-4 %) and high stifness; gaining greater control.

In case of overload and break, the taglines’ low mass and elongation results in the energy being distributed along the rope’s entire length in a linear fashion with a relatively low recoil. Whereas, steel wire is known for lashing out endangering riggers and equipment.

Do & don’t

Do not use Dynamica Taglines over sharp edges or rusty surfaces as this can lead to cuts, abrasion, rope abuse and splice damages.

To attain long service life and protect the riggers, ensure all surfaces are in proper condition.

How to cover & protect Taglines?

Want longer service life? Protect your rope with a cover!

We always recommend using a cover in the eyes, bearing points and for some operations on rope’s entire length.

Dynamica Taglines are overbraided with Dynamica PRO cover.

What to look for while inspecting Dynamica Taglines?

Dynamica Taglines should be inspected frequently in order to ensure safe usage and long service life. During an inspection always look for signs of:

  • Rope construction damage

  • Cover damage

  • Abrasion

  • Inconsistent diameter

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