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Offering greater safety

The Dynamica SUPREME PES is a 12 strand braided rope made with HMPE/Dyneema®. Offering you greater safety by combining the well-known Dynamica SK78 and braided polyester cover.


Technical information

Rope materialHMPE/Dyneema ®
Cover materialPolyester
CoreWith or without
DiameterUp to 120 mm
Breaking strengthUp to 800 t
Construction12 strand braided, rotation free
Hand friendlyLightweight, easy to handle
BuoyancyNon floating
UV stabilityVery good
Chemical resistanceVery good
Abrasion resistanceExtremely good
Melting point144 - 152° C
Max. work temp.60 - 65° C
Combined Shape

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  • Strong as steel
  • 10 times lighter than steel
  • 3-4 % elongation
  • Low creep


  • Heavy Lifting
  • On- & Offshore WInd
  • Maritime
  • Oil & Gas
  • Deepsea/Subsea

Why choose Dynamica SUPREME PES?

If your operation needs greater protection from abrasion.

Dynamica SUPREME PES is manufactured with Dynamica SK78 rope and a braided polyester cover. This combination gives greater protection from abrasion while ensuring no backlash in case of rupture which means a safer working environment.

What is the breaking strength & weight of SUPREME PES?

Dynamica SUPREME PES combines SK78 rope and braided polyester cover. The use of the SK78 rope makes the SUPREME PES just as strong as steel wire rope while being up to 10 times lighter.

By choosing Dynamica SUPREME PES instead of steel wire, you gain:

  • Easier rigging

  • Decrease in handling speed

  • Less resources required

  • Fewer riggers and less equipment required

  • Overall cost-savings

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What is the elongation of Dynamica SUPREME PES?

Dynamica SUPREME PES ropes are not only strong and light, but also have low elongation and low creep making it a safe alternative to steel wire.

In case of overload and break, the SUPREME PES ropes’ low mass and elongation results in the energy being distributed along the rope’s entire length in a linear fashion with a relatively low recoil. Whereas, steel wire is known for lashing out endangering riggers and equipment.

Elongation table

Is Dynamica SUPREME PES rotation free?

Yes, Dynamica SUPREME PES has a torque-neutral construction, which means that “snaking”, bird caging and kinking is not an issue, which is a common problem with steel wire ropes.

Do & don’t

Do not use SUPREME PES ropes over sharp edges or rusty surfaces as this can lead to cuts, abrasion abuse and splice damages.

To attain long service life and protect the riggers, ensure all surfaces are in proper condition.

How to cover & protect SUPREME PES?

Want longer service life? Protect your rope with a cover!

Dynamica SUPREME PES is already overbraided with a polyester cover ensuring greater abrasion resistance and longer service life.

What to look for while inspecting the SUPREME PES?

Regular inspections ensure longer service life and keep the costs of ownership down. Inspect your Dynamica SUPREME PES before every operation look for signs of:

  • Rope construction damage

  • Cover damage

  • Abrasion

  • Inconsistent diameter

Dyneema fibres

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