Offshore applications often require unique rope solutions. Dynamica Ropes is specialized in unique offshore rope solutions that mainly are used for:


Deep water applications

DYNAMICA ropes are made with Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber. To illustrate the strength of the fiber; Dyneema® is the material used to manufacture bulletproof vests for the police and army, because it is ultra strong, light and durable. To ensure high strength, DYNAMICA ropes are braided with Dyneema®, which makes DYNAMICA ropes stronger than steel wire ropes at the same diameter. Another important fact is that DYNAMICA ropes are 7 to 10 times lighter than steel wire ropes. The low weight makes Dyneema® braided ropes very well suited for offshore rope solutions for deep-water operations in depths of 2000 meters or more.

Subsea constructions and installations

Opposite steel wire ropes, DYNAMICA ropes only store little energy at break, which is another important difference. Because of the high amount of stored energy, steel wire ropes can be very dangerous for people and material surroundings if it breaks. When it comes to subsea constructions and installations, they are often taking place with use of new technology. A steel wire will damage the subsea installation if it breaks, but since DYNAMICA ropes only store little energy, they will not cause any serious damage.

Offshore rope solutions – MODU

DYNAMICA ropes are well suited for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) & barge operators, since they are easy to position and re-position in tough sea conditions.


Pipe installation & cable laying

Due to easy handling and high strength characteristics, DYNAMICA ropes are suitable for pipe & cable laying.


Permanent mooring solutions

For permanent mooring solutions, DYNAMICA DM20 is the preferred choice. These ropes are made with a special type of Dyneema® fiber that has no creep.


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