All DYNAMICA SecureLift Fiber slings and DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are manufactured on state-of-the-art machinery according to DIN EN 1492-4. Both sling designs are suitable for rigging equipment, pipeline lifting equipment, offshore mooring and offshore lifting operations. In some cases both sling constructions are applicable and for other applications, either the SecureLift FIBER roundsling or the SafeLift ROPE slings are preferred.

Read more about our products below, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding our products or the options for a specific lifting operation. Mail: Phone: +4576225012.

DYNAMICA SecureLIft Fiber slings for complex offshore lifting operations and offshore installation

DYNAMICA SecureLift Fiber slings are manufactured with Dyneema® fibers and a woven Dyneema® cover. This sling construction is suited for a wide range of offshore lifting operations and is preferred for set-ups with limited space for lifting equipment. You are welcome to find more information using the following link: DYNAMICA SecureLift Fiber sling.

DYNAMICA SafeLift slings for offshore lifting operations and offshore installation

All DYNAMICA SafeLift slings are custom-made for each specific offshore lifting operation. The most common construction is a single, a double and a triple sling. The SafeLift Slings are manufactured in a variety of sizes and with different cover solutions. Read more here: DYNAMICA SafeLift sling.

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See below an example showing how a double DYNAMICA SafeLift Sling is designed.

DYNAMICA Double SafeLift sling

Rope material        :          Dyneema® SK78

Eye cover material :           Dyneema®

Diameter                :            56 mm

WLL (SF: 7:1)        :            125 t

Break load:            :           875 t

You are always welcome to contact us if you have a specific offshore operation where unique rope or sling solutions are required. We have experience within both the Offshore Oil&Gas, Offshore Wind and the lifting industry and we are always ready to advice you about solutions for your specific operation. Mail:, Phone:+45 76225015.


Subsea constructions and offshore installation ropes

A customer needed lifting equipment for a subsea operation. A triple DYNAMICA Safelift sling was specially designed for the purpose. The entire sling has an EWL of 34,5 meter made of 42 mm DYNAMICA SK78. For extra protection against abrasion, a polyester cover was added to the entire sling. Another special feature, in this case, is the DYNAMICA Polyurethane coating which is added to eyes and seizing’s. This coating is developed for offshore purposes to provide the sling with maximum protection.

Read more about DYNAMICA Polyurethane coating.

When it comes to permanent mooring solutions, DYNAMICA DM20 is the preferred choice. These ropes are made with a special grade of Dyneema® fibers which have no creep and are the best choice for standing rigging of any type.

Read more about DYNAMICA DM 20 and download the datasheet here.

PDF: DYNAMICA Polyurethane coating

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DYNAMICA J-Tube Lines –  Cable pulling lines with Dyneema® fiber

When Offshore Wind parks install cables, DYNAMICA J-Tube Lines made with Dyneema® are the preferred choice. Dynamica J-Tube Lines are custom-made and can be manufactured in continuous endless lengths. The lines are the ultimate synthetic replacement of the heavy and dangerous steel wires.


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Dynamica DSC Winch Lines are designed with a hard fiber core, which makes the rope compact and dimensionally stable. The highly abrasion resistant polyester or Dyneema® jacket ensures effective protection against abrasion.

When in operation, DYNAMICA J-Tube Lines are subject to tension and in some cases, the dirt, mud, and rust can penetrate the rope. The abrasive elements can start to wear down the fibers and lower the performance of the lines. In order to avoid this situation, Dynamica Ropes has developed a DSC coating system, in which the entire rope is undergoing a heat setting process in several steps. This treatment is closing the fibers and prevents the rope from penetration of dirt, mud, and rust. On the other hand, the DSC treatment ensures that the core and the cover become an integrated part of the rope construction. The inner core of a J-Tube Line can look brand new even after years of use.


DYNAMICA Lashings for safe transport

DYNAMICA Lashings are used for transport and storage onshore and offshore. For example, regarding windmill blades and parts of wind turbines. They are soft and do not scratch the elements, which are secured for storage or during transport.

Download our datasheet below for more information, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


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