The low stretch DYNAMICA mooring rope and towing rope are made with Dyneema® in a 12-strand braided construction, which makes them very light, but without compromising on strength. Compared to steel, polyester and nylon the DYNAMICA mooring ropes and towing lines are 7-10 times lighter but have the same strength. We make super light and super strong mooring ropes for vessels and offshore.

Mooring line and rope for ships and vessels made with Dyneema®

DYNAMICA mooring ropes and lines are the preferred choice for all types of vessels, from the biggest containers and bulk carriers, navy, tankers, LNG vessels, ferries, barges, tug boats, fishing vessels to luxury yachts and smaller boats.

This is not only because the low weight and high strength but also because the abrasion resistance and very high UV resistance. DYNAMICA mooring lines and ropes for ships are made from Dyneema®, which is much more UV resistant than any other synthetic ropes.

Furthermore, it is recommended by OCIMF that a pennant or grommet, made of nylon or polyester, is fitted to all Dyneema® mooring ropes in order to absorb the shock loads due to high seas, winds and tides ranges.


Key benefits when using mooring rope and line made with Dyneema®

  • Safe worksites
  • Mooring line made with Dyneema are low weight and easy to handle
  • Floats in water
  • Less crew for handling required
  • Less heavy equipment for handling required
  • Similar strength as steel wire rope of the same size
  • Hand-friendly
  • Mooring lines are perfect for ships
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • No rust, long lifetime in the maritime environment
  • No need for grease/lubrication
  • High tension and bending fatigue resistance
  • Low elongation – the backlash energy stored is much lower than in the steel wire rope
  • Can be made in a size and length that is suitable for the purpose

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Tugboat and vessel towing ropes made with Dyneema®

DYNAMICA towing ropes and pennants are the preferred choice for the Maritime market. The towing pennants are used as vessel/ship and tugboat ropes worldwide and the towing pennants are used in applications where shock load or high seas do not occur.

The ultra-light and very strong DYNAMICA pennants are developed for use in the maritime market in order to offer a safer, hand-friendly and low-risk alternative to steel wire strops, chains or traditional synthetic ropes. These “yesterdays” materials are heavy, inflexible, difficult to rig and dangerous if they break. They require many deckhands and additional equipment for handling and rigging.

In case of the steel wire, there is a risk of recoil and sweep if it breaks under too high load. The twisted construction of wire will recoil with extreme energy and sweep the area next to it with dangerous untwisting strands. This will not happen with a quality DYNAMICA towing rope or mooring rope made with Dyneema®, which means safer worksites for the crew.

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Mooring rope, towing line and rope solutions for harbor and deep sea towing

Lightweight and flexible towing ropes and mooring lines made of high-performance Dyneema®, which ensures that users do not have unplanned stops or delays. DYNAMICA ropes are significantly easier to use than other fiber ropes or steel wires because of these following characteristics:

  • Dynamica Ropes’ high-performance synthetic ropes made with Dyneema® are size-for-size as strong as steel wire, polyester and nylon
  • DYNAMICA marine towing rope has similar elongation as steel wires, but it floats since the weight of Dyneema® fibers are 7 to 10 times lighter than steel wire but has the same strength
  • DYNAMICA ropes for harbor towing and mooring rope are UV resistant and have a better abrasion resistance than any other synthetic ropes

Key benefits when using mooring ropes and towing ropes made with Dyneema®

  • Due to the low elongation of Dyneema® (SK78) and the 12-strand braided construction of DYNAMICA ropes prevents the recoil reaction, which is reduced if the rope should separate
  • The low weight makes the rope easy to handle, reducing crew required on deck
  • Due to the 12-strand construction and reduced elongation of the DYNAMICA rope, the result of force being applied at one end results in at least a 98% efficiency of that force being supplied as a resulting force at the working end of the rope
  • The mooring rope is not affected by seawater conditions
  • No rust or grease on the deck or fairleads
  • Clean deck area with no grease or dirt
  • Fewer strain injuries from excessive weight
  • Mooring lines can easily be spliced on board
  • Clean and hand friendly. No “meat hooks” and no “bird nests”
  • Can be made in a size and length that is suitable for the purpose

Protect your mooring rope, main towing line and pennants with a DYNAMICA protective cover

To provide additional protection to the DYNAMICA mooring and towing ropes, we recommend the use of Dyneema® (SK78) or polyester chafe protection sleeves. These products are non-load bearing and they provide additional protection to the working ropes over high-risk areas where sections of the mooring ropes that come in contact with the uncontrolled areas of serviced vessels such as Bollards and Fairleads/Panama Chocks.

We recommend that this extra cover is fitted in the eyes and on the working end of all towing ropes. This to ensure protection on the area that is in contact with serviced ships fittings or port facilities that tug crews have no control over. When requested, it is possible to get cover over the splicing and/or the whole working end of a towing rope.

DYNAMICA SUPREME PRO jacket and eye cover is a polyester braided cover that protects the rope against abrasion. It also has the ability to make the line sink, which is an advantage in some operations.

DYNAMICA SUPERIOR PRO jacket and eye cover is a Dyneema® (SK78) braided cover and provides even more protection of the main rope because of the Dyneema® braid.

DYNAMICA ORBIT cover jacket and eye cover allows the crewmembers to inspect the main rope for conditions that are unwanted.

Dynamica Ropes often delivers rope and marine solutions where only the exact parts of the rope that are exposed to heavy abrasion, are machine overbraided with a protective cover.

Covers can be applied as follows:

  • In the soft eyes
  • In the soft eyes and over the splice
  • In the soft eyes, over the splice in an agreed distance towards the middle of the rope
  • On the entire length of the mooring or towing rope

These options would be provided with consultation with the customer and tug crew

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