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Kurt Petersen

Kurt Petersen
Technical Sales

+45 7622 5005

Kurt is a nerd when it comes to calculations. He has gained international working experience from his past at LM & General Electric. He worked with R&D at FibreVisions A/S for several years, and we all benefit from his understanding of fibres’ nature.

At first look, you think that Kurt is very formal, but this is only a disguise! Don’t get him wrong- his jokes are very refined, and he can be in a gagged mood.

In his spare time, Kurt rides his bicycle and enjoys running. He is interested in history and politics. He can always update us on the latest news, and he is often our “political science encyclopedia.”

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Takes safety to another level

Ground handling is much easier and less hazardous

Ready for takeoff

The fiber lines give many advantages according to the users. The launch not only gives more height, but we are also having a smoother and more stable launch and the handling on the ground is far easier and much less dangerous.

Task management

”It gives me great satisfaction when different projects come together and when things go according to plan. Also the general mood here, it’s good, which helps everything along.”

Helping customers

”I thrive when I help our customers find the solution that matches them and their operation best. It’s euphoria when they agree and order the solution, we've come up with.”