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Kate Christensen Dynamica Ropes

Kate Christensen
Sales Manager

+45 7622 5004

Kate often states that her mission is "to replace steel wire with ropes and slings made of synthetic Dyneema® fibres". She has been with the company since 1999, and she has experience with Dyneema® ropes being used in many industries.

When not at work, Kate worships her great passion: a rose garden and growing beautiful flowers; historic and old roses. We enjoy her hobby at the office when she brings bunches of flowers. She is a member of the Board of a local Horticultural Society in Fredericia taking care of the communication on social media.

Kate is interested in Roman Empire history and the Viking Age, and she enjoys reading books and watching movies with the historical background of any period.

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Filament dyneema ropes

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At Dynamica Ropes we offer the following services

Technical services – we know our fibres!

Engineered HMPE/Dyneema® rope, sling & Tether solutions. Inspection & recertification. Proof Loading & break tests.

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Cases - customised solutions

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