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If you talk to Jørgen, you will probably learn that synthetic fibres are in his DNA.

He worked for Danfoss and Utzon before starting his own business in 1995. You can easily see that his job is his hobby. He is involved in both sales, production and innovation, having his 4-5 daily walks through the production site every day, which makes approx. 55,000 steps per week.

He has an interest in history and takes every opportunity to visit museums and historical sites if the travel plan allows for this.

Jørgen is a very casual man - you will never see him wearing a tie. He is always ready to exchange jokes and his laughs are contagious for others around. Jørgen loves dogs and children, so all employees are welcome to bring both to work 😃 He has a dedicated drawer in his desk - collecting the drawings from “company children” 25 years back.

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