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Helle Jacobsen Dynamica Ropes

Helle Jacobsen
Sales Coordinator

+45 7622 5003

Helle is a team player and a true mood booster, who wishes her colleagues to thrive and puts an effort in that no one is forgotten. She is always ready for a joke and prepared to tell funny stories.

Helle is kind and gentle, always having in mind the colleague's mood and always ready to help. She is often the person answering when you call us.

Helle has a great life experience gained over the years in different companies and later a 10-year career as self-employed. She has "been there - done that" - but you should not think she is at a standstill! Helle is a sucker for new ideas, impulses, innovative ways of doing things, and getting new skills. She recently decided to start a new education within HR in her free time, bringing new skills to the company.

No task is too small or too big for Helle, and she handles every challenge that ends on her desk.

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