DYNAMICA SK78 is a 12 strand braided rope produced with Dyneema® SK78. The Dyneema® fibre is the strongest man-made fibre in the world, and the SK78 is our standard fibre for the ropes we carry in stock in Denmark.

DYNAMICA SK78 is just as strong as steel wire rope pr. unit of weight. The break load is very high and the ropes weight to strength ratio is top of the line. The SK 78 rope is 7-10 times lighter than steel wire rope (depending on the steel wire construction), which not only makes the rigging easier, but it also means a decrease in handling speed, using less resources which is a direct cost-saving.

The DYNAMICA SK78 is not only strong and light, but has low elongation, similar to steel wire ropes, which makes SK78 ropes an safe alternative to steel wire rope, as steel wire ropes are known to be dangerous for the crew in case of break. If rupture occurs, the SK78 ropes’ low mass and elongation results in the energy being distributed along the rope’s entire length in a linear fashion with a relatively low recoil. This is unlike steel wire ropes, which are known for lashing out.

The snaking behavior of steel wires are a well-known and sadly well-documented risk for the deckhands, riggers and by the end of course also the items handled. The SK78 ropes do not present this type of danger in case of rupture, which is due to their low weight/strength ratio.

The DYNAMICA SK78 has a torque-neutral construction, which means that “snaking”, bird caging and kinking is not an issue, which is a common problem with steel wire ropes.

SK78 Dyneema® rope can be fitted for any operation

The DYNAMICA SK78 rope’s diameter, construction and strength can be customised for the operation in order to meet the technical requirements. The SK78 ropes is most often fitted with cover in the spliced eyes/bearing points or on the entire rope’s length. The cover offers extra protection and will ensure a long lifespan. We can advise you on the choice of cover for your SK78 rope.

Want to know more about the DYNAMICA SK78 ropes’ diameter to breaking strength ratio? Download the DYNAMICA SK78 datasheet here:


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The DYNAMICA SK78 rope can used in many offshore and onshore operations due to its strength and abrasion resistance.

Even though the SK78 Dyneema® rope is protected with cover and due to that fact is even more resistant it is generally not advised using SK78 ropes over rusty surfaces and sharp edges. This can lead to cuts, abrasion abuse, splice damages, which will shorten the lifespan of any type of rope made with SK78 fibers.

Inspection of DYNAMICA SK78

The DYNAMICA SK78 should be inspected frequently in order to ensure a long lifespan and enjoy the benefit of the total low cost of ownership. During an inspection always look for signs of rope construction damage, cover damage, signs of abrasion and inconsistent diameter. This inspection will ensure a safe operation and increase the lifespan of the SK78 ropes.

Read more about inspection and recertification here.

Use the SK78 (Dyneema® rope) in a wide range of industries

The DYNAMICA SK78 rope can be used in a many different industries such as offshore, maritime, lifting, wind and others.

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Are you unsure if the SK78 Dyneema® rope is fit for your operation? Contact us and we will guide you!