DYNAMICA SK78 is a 12 strand braided rope made with Dyneema® fiber. DYNAMICA SK78 is approx. 10 times stronger than steel wire pr. unit of weight. It means that DYNAMICA ropes have a slightly higher strength than a steel wire of the same diameter –  but it is 7 to 10 times lighter in weight. Furthermore, DYNAMICA SK78 can sustain a very large number of peak loads, which means loads close to the breaking strength. Because of this property, DYNAMICA SK78 lasts a long time and has a high safe working load.

Safety is also a fact when it comes to elongation, since DYNAMICA SK78 has a very low elongation and therefore has little backlash – even at hundreds of tonnes of load.

With DYNAMICA SK78 you get a torque-neutral construction and avoid problems with bird caging and kinking, which is a common problem with steel wire ropes. Furthermore, DYNAMICA SK78 does not require lubricating. Because of all these product properties, DYNAMICA SK78 is used in a wide range off industries such as offshore, maritime, towing, lifting, wind and fishing.


Proper care needs to be taken (Worth knowing about DYNAMICA ropes)


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