Manufacturer of heavy-duty SecureLift fiber slings made with Dyneema®

Dynamica Ropes is a Danish manufacturer of fiber slings for heavy lifting operations and manufacturer of SecureLift Slings. In the production facilities in Frederica, Denmark the DYNAMICA team is handling Dyneema® fibers from filaments to finished fiber slings ready for shipment. The production facilities include machinery for sewing of heavy duty covers and a 35 m long test bed designed to proof load fiber slings and rope slings manufactured with Dyneema®. If you are thinking of changing from traditional slings (steel or polyester) to slings made with Dyneema® you are welcome to contact Dynamica Ropes – we are always ready to tell you about the different opportunities we offer.

PDF: DYNAMICA SecureLift Fiber sling

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Cover solutions for SecureLift fiber slings with Dyneema®

SecureLift fiber round slings (according to the EN-1492 regulations for safe use of slings) should be protected on the anchoring points as shackles, and lifting devices such as crane hooks. Fiber slings should be protected from edges, friction and abrasion (EN 1492-1:2000+A1:2008 C.3.6), both from the load or the lifting devices as crane hooks.

Dynamica Ropes can supply sleeve protection against damage of fiber slings on sharp edges and/or abrasion as part of the sling. The protection sleeve must always be correctly positioned. It may be necessary to supplement this with additional protection in case of the fiber sling might be in contact with very rough surface, sharp edge or have to be protected from a friction risk.

Dynamica Ropes offers following cover solutions.

  • Heavy Duty Polyester
  • Single Cordura
  • Dual Cordura
  • DuraForce
  • Dyneema® 1,0 mm
  • Dyneema® 1,5 mm
DYNAMICA SecureLift Fiber sling, layers,

SecureLift fiber sling inspection and recertification service by experts

Dynamica Ropes offers a sling inspection and recertification service of all DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings and DYNAMICA SafeLift rope slings. Dynamica Ropes has many years of experience and a huge knowledge within Dyneema® fibers and only educated and competent riggers accomplish sling inspections. Dynamica Ropes recommends conducting a periodic inspection according to local regulations.

DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings, which have been in use for any period of time/qty of jobs, will always show some sign of wear and tear. During the period of use, frequent checks before each lift should be made for defects or damages, including damages caused by soiling, which might affect the continued safe use of the sling. These checks should extend to any fittings and lifting accessories used in association with the sling. If any doubt exists as to the fitness for use, or if any of the required markings are lost or illegible, the fiber sling must be removed from service for examination by a competent person.

We have defined some criteria for inspection and retirement of DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings. Some characteristics of a used sling will not reduce the strength significantly, while others will result in sling retirement. When the fiber sling has to be retired, we recommend sending it back to the manufacturer for disposal. Contact Dynamica Ropes at +4576225015 or

PDF: SecureLift sling Inspection & Retirement guideline

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DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings are designed to make visual inspections on site easier

During the process of designing the DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber sling, Dynamica Ropes took several steps to make visual inspections of fiber slings easier and safer. Dynamica Ropes offers fiber sling solutions with an outer cover from Dual Cordura that has two layers. The outside of the layer is blue and the inside of the layer is red. If the outer cover has damages and the red alert color from the inside is visible, it is a clear sign to take the fiber sling out of operation. If the orange inner layer is visible, the sling must retire or it can be send back to Dynamica Ropes for further professional inspection. Download the PDF about inspection and retirement guideline for DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings to find all inspection points recommended by Dynamica Ropes.
If you observe damages on your DYNAMICA SecureLift sling, you must always take the sling out of service and never attempt to carry out repairs of the fiber slings yourself. Only a specialist educated and certified by Dynamica Ropes can determine the extent of the damage, and decide whether the fiber sling can be repaired, must be downsized or retired.

Elongation of fiber roundslings made with Dyneema®

When talking fiber roundslings like our DYNAMICA SecureLift slings different elongation terms are relevant to mention and explain.

Elongation – “Reversible Elongation” : Reversible Elongation also called Elastic Elongation is the stretch or extension of Dynamica SecureLift fiber rounds slings made with Dyneema®, which is immediately recoverable after the load applied on the sling is released. Most of slings made with Dyneema® carry loads for only a short time.

Elastic Elongation is fully reversible: Elastic Elongation is a result of the elasticity of the fibers used in the construction of the sling. Dyneema® fibers has an extremely low elasticity compared with traditional fibers such as polyester or nylon.
Each type of synthetic fiber has a different degree of elasticity.

Elastic Hysteresis – “Recover over Time”: Elastic Hysteresis means elongation, which is slowly recoverable. This is another form for elongation, which is recoverable over a period of time (hours or days depending on few factors) after the load has been released from the fiber round sling.

Creep – “Permanent Elongation”: The phenomenon is not really an issue for fiber round slings made with Dyneema® as fiber round slings made with Dyneema® carry loads for only a short period of time. Dyneema® SecureLift slings will creep (elongate irreversibly) when being under a constant load over longer period of time which is done in an elevated temperature – and this type of use is not relevant for lifting applications.

SecureLift fiber slings with Dyneema® vs. traditional slings

Traditional lifting slings used in many industries (example steel wire or polyester) are for sure strong, but they are also very heavy, difficult to handle and there is always a risk of uneven EWL’s after they have been under tension. By using SecureLift fiber slings, you will obtain cost reductions due to fewer hours spent on rigging, less lifting equipment needed for the handling of the slings during the rigging process, and less back and hand injuries.DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings are a good choice in case of heavy lifting jobs and engineered lifting where abrasion resistant and flexible lifting equipment is required. Compared with the traditional polyester slings, which absorb water, the SecureLift fiber slings do not absorb water and are never getting heavy or difficult to handle.


Benefits from DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings:

  • Lightweight
  • Exceptionally strong
  • High resistance against chemicals
  • High cut and abrasion resistance


Cost reduction when using DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber sling compared with steel wire:

  • Save time when handling
  • Avoid damaged goods
  • Avoid cut injuries among workers
  • Avoid manual handling injuries among workers
  • Avoid impact injuries among workers

DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings or DYNAMICA SafeLift rope slings?

The specific lifting operation and equipment used often determines what type of sling is the best choice: fiber sling or rope sling.
Since the SecureLift fiber slings have a small Ø vs WLL they will probably be the correct choice if the lifting operation only allows a small amount of space for lifting equipment. These slings are flexible and allow a short working length combined with a high breaking strength.
In other heavy lifting operations, the rope slings as DYNAMICA SafeLift could be the best solution. All SafeLift slings are custom-made to the specific lifting operation. SafeLift slings are made with standard 12 strand braided Dyneema® ropes to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight. The SafeLift Slings are manufactured as single, double or triple with a variety of options to apply covers, thimbles or other terminations.