DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings are manufactured with a load-bearing core and a heavy-duty protection sleeve (outer cover). The core is manufactured with high-performance Dyneema® fibers, which are known as the strongest man-made fibers. The strong material is extremely abrasion resistant, and it has a very low weight. In order to protect the potential chafe areas against abrasion, specific covers can be applied to the bearing points. The covers also protect the entire sling itself. We carefully select the optimal protection products, which can be Dyneema®, HMPE, Kevlar or Heavy Duty Polyester.

Dynamica Ropes offers the following cover opportunities:

  • Orange Heavy Duty PES made from polyester
  • Blue Single Cordura consisting of one layer
  • Blue/red Dual Cordura cover consisting of two layers
  • Light Blue cover that is woven with Dyneema® and Cordura
  • White Dyneema® cover, 1,0 mm
  • White Dyneema® cover, 1,5 mm
DYNAMICA SecureLift Fiber sling, layers,

Fiber slings with Dyneema® vs. Traditional slings

Traditional lifting slings used in many industries (example steel wire or polyester) are for sure strong, but they are also very heavy, difficult to handle and there is always a risk of uneven EWL’s after they have been under tension. By using SecureLift fiber slings, you will obtain cost reductions due to fewer hours spent on rigging, less lifting equipment needed for the handling of the slings during the rigging process, and less back and hand injuries.DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings are a good choice in case of heavy lifting jobs and engineered lifting where abrasion resistant and flexible lifting equipment is required. Compared with the traditional polyester slings, which absorb water, the SecureLift fiber slings do not absorb water and are never getting heavy or difficult to handle.

DSM Dyneema


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Benefits from DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber slings:

  • Lightweight
  • Exceptionally strong
  • High resistance against chemicals
  • High cut and abrasion resistance


Cost reduction when using DYNAMICA SecureLift fiber sling compared with steel wire:

  • Save time when handling
  • Avoid damaged goods
  • Avoid cut injuries among workers
  • Avoid manual handling injuries among workers
  • Avoid impact injuries among workers


The specific lifting operation and equipment used often determines what type of sling is the best choice: FIBER sling or ROPE sling.
Since the SecureLift fiber slings have a small Ø vs WLL they will probably be the correct choice if the lifting operation only allows a small amount of space for lifting equipment. These slings are flexible and allow a short working length combined with a high breaking strength.
In other heavy lifting operations, the ROPE slings as DYNAMICA SafeLift could be the best solution. All SafeLift slings are custom-made to the specific lifting operation. SafeLift slings are made with standard 12 strand braided Dyneema® ropes to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight. The SafeLift Slings are manufactured as single, double or triple with a variety of options to apply covers, thimbles or other terminations.